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FCC 68.3
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  68.3   Definitions.

   As used in this part:

   ACS telephonic CPE. Customer premises equipment used with advanced
   communications services that is designed to provide 2-way voice
   communication via a built-in speaker intended to be held to the ear in
   a manner functionally equivalent to a telephone, except for mobile

   Advanced communications services. Interconnected VoIP service,
   non-interconnected VoIP service, electronic messaging service, and
   interoperable video conferencing service.

   Demarcation point (also point of interconnection). As used in this
   part, the point of demarcation and/or interconnection between the
   communications facilities of a provider of wireline telecommunications,
   and terminal equipment, protective apparatus or wiring at a
   subscriber's premises.

   Essential telephones. Only coin-operated telephones, telephones
   provided for emergency use, and other telephones frequently needed for
   use by persons using such hearing aids.

   Harm. Electrical hazards to the personnel of providers of wireline
   telecommunications, damage to the equipment of providers of wireline
   telecommunications, malfunction of the billing equipment of providers
   of wireline telecommunications, and degradation of service to persons
   other than the user of the subject terminal equipment, his calling or
   called party.

   Hearing aid compatible. Except as used at § § 68.4(a)(3) and 68.414, and
   subpart F of this part the terms hearing aid compatible or hearing aid
   compatibility are used as defined in § 68.316, unless it is specifically
   stated that hearing aid compatibility volume control, as defined in
   § 68.317, is intended or is included in the definition.

   Inside wiring or premises wiring. Customer-owned or controlled wire on
   the subscriber's side of the demarcation point.

   Premises. As used herein, generally a dwelling unit, other building or
   a legal unit of real property such as a lot on which a dwelling unit is
   located, as determined by the provider of telecommunications service's
   reasonable and nondiscriminatory standard operating practices.

   Private radio services. Private land mobile radio services and other
   communications services characterized by the Commission in its rules as
   private radio services.

   Public mobile services. Air-to-ground radiotelephone services, cellular
   radio telecommunications services, offshore radio, rural radio service,
   public land mobile telephone service, and other common carrier radio
   communications services covered by part 22 of Title 47 of the Code of
   Federal Regulations.

   Responsible party. The party or parties responsible for the compliance
   of terminal equipment or protective circuitry intended for connection
   directly to the public switched telephone network, or of ACS telephonic
   CPE, with the applicable rules and regulations in this part and with
   any applicable technical criteria published by the Administrative
   Council for Terminal Attachments. If a Telecommunications Certification
   Body certifies the terminal equipment or ACS telephonic CPE, the
   responsible party is the holder of the certificate for that equipment.
   If the terminal equipment or ACS telephonic CPE is the subject of a
   Supplier's Declaration of Conformity, the responsible party shall be:
   The manufacturer of the equipment, or the manufacturer of protective
   circuitry that is marketed for use with terminal equipment that is not
   to be connected directly to the network, or if the equipment is
   imported, the importer, or if the equipment is assembled from
   individual component parts, the assembler. If the equipment is modified
   by any party not working under the authority of the responsible party,
   the party performing the modifications, if located within the U.S., or
   the importer, if the equipment is imported subsequent to the
   modifications, becomes the new responsible party. Retailers or original
   equipment manufacturers may enter into an agreement with the assembler
   or importer to assume the responsibilities to ensure compliance of the
   terminal equipment or ACS telephonic CPE and to become the responsible

   Secure telephones. Telephones that are approved by the United States
   Government for the transmission of classified or sensitive voice

   Terminal equipment. As used in this part, communications equipment
   located on customer premises at the end of a communications link, used
   to permit the stations involved to accomplish the provision of
   telecommunications or information services.

   [ 66 FR 7581 , Jan. 24, 2001, as amended at  83 FR 8632 , Feb. 28, 2018]


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