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FCC 61.15
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  61.15   Letters of transmittal and cover letters.

   (a) All tariff publications filed with the Commission electronically
   must be accompanied by a letter of transmittal. All letters of
   transmittal filed with the Commission must be numbered consecutively by
   the issuing carrier beginning with Number 1. All letters of transmittal
   must also:

   (1) Concisely explain the nature and purpose of the filing;

   (2) Specify whether supporting information is required for the new
   tariff or tariff revision, and specify the Commission rule or rules
   governing the supporting information requirements for that filing;

   (3) Contain a statement indicating the date and method of filing of the
   original of the transmittal as required by § 61.14(b);

   (4) Include the FCC Registration Number (FRN) of the carrier(s) on
   whose behalf the cover letter is submitted. See subpart W of part 1 of
   this title.

   (b) Local exchange carriers filing tariffs electronically pursuant to
   the notice requirements of section 204(a)(3) of the Communications Act
   shall display prominently, in the upper right hand corner of the letter
   of transmittal, a statement that the filing is made pursuant to that
   section and whether the tariff is filed on 7 or 15 days notice.

   (c) Any carrier filing a new or revised tariff made on 15 days' notice
   or less shall include in the letter of transmittal the name, room
   number, street address, telephone number, and facsimile number of the
   individual designated by the filing carrier to receive personal or
   facsimile service of petitions against the filing as required under
   § 1.773(a)(4) of this chapter.

   (d) International carriers must certify that they are authorized under
   Section 214 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, to provide
   service, and reference the FCC file number of that authorization.

   (e) In addition to the requirements set forth in paragraph (a) of this
   section, any incumbent local exchange carrier choosing to file an
   Access Tariff under § 61.39 must include in the transmittal:

   (1) A summary of the filing's basic rates, terms and conditions;

   (2) A statement concerning whether any prior Commission facility
   authorization necessary to the implementation of the tariff has been
   obtained; and

   (3) A statement that the filing is made pursuant to § 61.39.

   (f) In addition to the requirements set forth in paragraph (a) of this
   section, any price cap local exchange carrier filing a price cap tariff
   must include in the letter of transmittal a statement that the filing
   is made pursuant to § 61.49.

   (g) The letter of transmittal must specifically reference by number any
   special permission necessary to implement the tariff publication.
   Special permission must be granted prior to the filing of the tariff
   publication and may not be requested in the transmittal letter.

   (h)(1) The letter of transmittal must be substantially in the following

   (Exact name of carrier in full)

   (Post Office Address)


   Transmittal No.

   Secretary, Federal Communications Commission; Washington, DC 20554

   Attention: Wireline Competition Bureau

   The accompanying tariff (or other publication) issued by ____, and
   bearing FCC No. ____, effective ____, 20_, is sent to you for filing in
   compliance with the requirements of the Communications Act of 1934, as
   amended. (Here give the additional information required.)

   (Name of issuing officer or agent)


   (2) A separate letter of transmittal may accompany each publication, or
   the above format may be modified to provide for filing as many
   publications as desired with one transmittal letter.

   (i) All submissions of documents other than a new tariff or revisions
   to an existing tariff, such as Base Documents or Tariff Review Plans,
   must be accompanied by a cover letter that concisely explains the
   nature and purpose of the filing. Publications submitted under this
   paragraph are not required to submit a tariffing fee.

   [ 76 FR 43210 , July 20, 2011]


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