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FCC 61.136
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  61.136   Revocation of concurrences.

   A concurrence may be revoked by a revocation notice or cancelled by a
   new concurrence. A revocation notice or a new concurrence, if less
   broad in scope than the concurrence it cancels, must bear an effective
   date not less than 45 days after its receipt by the Commission. A
   revocation notice is not given a serial number, but must specify the
   number of the concurrence to be revoked and the name of the carrier in
   whose favor the concurrence was issued. It must be in the following

Revocation Notice

   (Name of carrier ____________)

   (Post office address ______________)

   (Date) ___________, 19__.


   Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. 20554.

   Effective _____________, 19__ FCC Concurrence No. __, issued by (Name
   of concurring carrier) in favor of (Name of issuing carrier) is hereby
   cancelled and revoked. Rates and regulations of (Name of concurring
   carrier) and its connecting carriers will thereafter be found in Tariff
   FCC No. __ issued by _________ (If the concurring carrier has ceased
   operations, the revocation notice must so indicate.)
   (Name of carrier)


Subpart I—Adoption of Tariffs and Other Documents of Predecessor Carriers


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