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FCC 61.133
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  61.133   Format of concurrences.

   (a) Concurrences must be issued in the following format:


   F.C.C. Concurrence No. ____

   (Cancels F.C.C. Concurrence No. __

   (Name of Carrier ______)

   (Post Office Address ______)

   (Date) ___________ 19__.


   Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. 20554.

   This is to report that (name of concurring carrier) assents to and
   concurs in the tariffs described below. (Name of concurring carrier)
   thus makes itself a party to these tariffs and obligates itself (and
   its connecting carriers) to observe every provision in them, until a
   notice of revocation is filed with the Commission and delivered to the
   issuing carrier.

   This concurrence applies to interstate (and foreign) communication:

   1. Between the different points on the concurring carrier's own system;

   2. Between all points on the concurring carrier's system and the
   systems of its connecting carriers; and

   3. Between all points on the system of the concurring carrier and the
   systems of its connecting carriers on the one hand, and, on the other
   hand, all points on the system of the carrier issuing the tariff or
   tariffs listed below and the systems of its connecting carriers and
   other carriers with which through routes have been established.

   (Note: Any of the above numbered paragraphs may be omitted or the
   wording modified to state the points to which the concurrence applies.)


   (Here describe the tariff or tariffs concurred in by the carrier,
   specifying FCC number, title, date of issuance, and date effective.
   Example: A.B.C. Communications Company, Tariff FCC No. 1, Interstate
   Telegraph Message Service, Issued January 1, 1983, Effective April 1,

   Cancels FCC Concurrence No.___, effective ____________, 19__.
   (Name of concurring carrier)

   (b) No material is to be included in a concurrence other than that
   indicated in the above-prescribed form, unless specially authorized by
   the Commission. A concurrence in any tariff so described will be deemed
   to include all amendments and successive issues which the issuing
   carrier may make and file. All such amendments and successive issues
   will be binding between customers and carriers. Between carriers
   themselves, however, the filing by the issuing carrier of an amendment
   or successive issue with the Commission must not imply or be construed
   to imply an agreement to the filing by concurring carriers. Such
   filings do not affect the contractual rights or remedies of any
   concurring carrier(s) which have not, by contract or otherwise,
   specifically consented in advance to such amendment or successive


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