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FCC 54.519
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  54.519   State telecommunications networks.

   (a) Telecommunications services. State telecommunications networks may
   secure discounts under the universal service support mechanisms on
   supported telecommunications services (as described in § 54.502(a)) on
   behalf of eligible schools and libraries (as described in § 54.501) or
   consortia that include an eligible school or library. Such state
   telecommunications networks shall pass on such discounts to eligible
   schools and libraries and shall:

   (1) Maintain records listing each eligible school and library and
   showing the basis for each eligibility determination;

   (2) Maintain records demonstrating the discount amount to which each
   eligible school and library is entitled and the basis for such

   (3) Take reasonable steps to ensure that each eligible school or
   library receives a proportionate share of the shared services;

   (4) Request that service providers apply the appropriate discount
   amounts on the portion of the supported services used by each school or

   (5) Direct eligible schools and libraries to pay the discounted price;

   (6) Comply with the competitive bid requirements set forth in § 54.503.

   (b) Internet access and installation and maintenance of internal
   connections. State telecommunications networks either may secure
   discounts on Internet access and installation and maintenance of
   internal connections in the manner described in paragraph (a) of this
   section with regard to telecommunications, or shall be eligible,
   consistent with § 54.502(a), to receive universal service support for
   providing such services to eligible schools, libraries, and consortia
   including those entities.

   [ 63 FR 2131 , Jan. 13, 1998;  63 FR 33586 , June 19, 1998, as amended at 75 FR 75415 , Dec. 3, 2010]


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