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FCC 54.1019
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  54.1019   Interim service and final service milestone reports.

   (a) A recipient authorized to receive 5G Fund support shall submit a
   report to the Administrator on or before March 1 after the third,
   fourth, fifth, and sixth service milestone deadlines established in
   § 54.1015(b) demonstrating that it has deployed service meeting the 5G
   Fund performance requirements specified in § 54.1015(c), which shall
   include the following:

   (1) Certifications to representative data submitted in the Digital
   Opportunity Data Collection or as part of FCC Form 477, as applicable,
   demonstrating mobile transmissions to and from the network that
   establish compliance with the 5G Fund coverage, speed, and latency

   (2) On-the-ground measurement tests to substantiate 5G broadband
   coverage data:

   (i) With at least three tests conducted per square kilometer, measured
   by overlaying a uniform grid of one square kilometer (1 km by 1 km) on
   the recipient's submitted in-vehicle 5G coverage maps within the area
   for which 5G Fund support was awarded;

   (ii) For a subset of drive-testable grid cells, such that the minimum
   percentage of drive-testable grid cells tested equals the minimum
   percentage of coverage required for each service buildout milestone
   (i.e., interim milestones of 40 percent, 60 percent, and 80 percent,
   and the final milestone of 85 percent), with previously reported
   testing being cumulative; and

   (iii) Where a drive-testable grid cell is any grid cell that has more
   than the de minimis amount of total roads specified in a public notice,
   based upon the most recent roadway data from the U.S. Census Bureau
   available for this purpose, considering roads classified in the primary
   road (S1100), secondary road (S1200), local road (S1400), and service
   drive (S1640) categories.

   (3) Detailed cell-site and sector infrastructure information; and

   (4) Additional information as required by the Commission in a public

   (b) All data submitted and certified to in compliance with a
   recipient's public interest obligations in the milestone report shall
   be in compliance with standards set forth in the applicable public
   notice and shall be certified by a professional engineer.

   (c) Each service milestone report shall be submitted solely via the
   Administrator's online portal.

   (d) All data submitted in and certified to in any service milestone
   report shall be subject to verification by the Administrator for
   compliance with the 5G Fund performance requirements specified in
   § 54.1015(c).

   Effective Date Note: At  85 FR 75822 , Nov. 25, 2020, § 54.1019 was
   revised, however, paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(4) have a delayed
   effective date.


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