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FCC 53.213
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  53.213   Audit analysis and evaluation.

   (a) Within 60 dates after the end of the audit period, but prior to
   discussing the audit findings with the Bell operating company or the
   separate affiliate, the independent auditor shall submit a draft of the
   audit report to the Federal/State joint audit team.

   (1) The Federal/State joint audit team shall have 45 days to review the
   audit findings and audit workpapers, and offer its recommendations
   concerning the conduct of the audit or the audit findings to the
   independent auditor. Exceptions of the Federal/State joint audit team
   to the finding and conclusions of the independent auditor that remain
   unresolved shall be included in the final audit report.

   (2) Within 15 days after receiving the Federal/State joint audit team's
   recommendations and making appropriate revisions to the audit report,
   the independent auditor shall submit the audit report to the Bell
   operating company for its response to the audit findings and send a
   copy to the Federal/State joint audit team. The independent auditor may
   request additional time to perform additional audit work as recommended
   by the Federal/State joint audit team.

   (b) Within 30 days after receiving the audit report, the Bell operating
   company will respond to the audit findings and send a copy of its
   response to the Federal/State joint audit team. The Bell operating
   company's response shall be included as part of the final audit report
   along with any reply that the independent auditor wishes to make to the

   (c) Within 10 days after receiving the response of the Bell operating
   company, the independent auditor shall make available for public
   inspection the final audit report by filing it with the Commission and
   the state regulatory agencies participating on the joint audit team.

   (d) Interested parties may file comments with the Commission within 60
   days after the audit report is made available for public inspection.

   [ 62 FR 2927 , Jan. 21, 1997]


Subpart D—Manufacturing by Bell Operating Companies


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