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FCC 52.200
Revised as of September 1, 2021
Goto Year:2020 | 2022
  §  52.200   Designation of 988 for a National Suicide Prevention and Mental
Health Crisis Hotline.

   (a) 988 is established as the 3-digit dialing code for a national
   suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline system maintained
   by the Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use and the
   Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

   (b) All covered providers shall transmit all calls initiated by an end
   user dialing 988 to the current toll free access number for the
   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, presently 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).

   (c) All covered providers shall complete 10-digit dialing
   implementation in areas that use 7-digit dialing and have assigned 988
   as a central office code as defined in § 52.7(c) by July 16, 2022.

   (d) All covered providers shall complete all changes to their systems
   that are necessary to implement the designation of the 988 dialing code
   by July 16, 2022.

   (e) For purposes of complying with the requirements of this section,

   (1) The term “covered provider” means any telecommunications carrier,
   interconnected VoIP provider, or provider of one-way VoIP.

   (2) The term “one-way VoIP”—

   (i) Means a service that—

   (A) Enables real-time, two-way voice communications;

   (B) Requires a broadband connection from the user's location;

   (C) Requires internet protocol-compatible customer premises equipment;

   (D) Permits users generally to receive calls that originate on the
   public switched telephone network or to terminate calls to the public
   switched telephone network.

   (ii) Does not include any service that is an interconnected VoIP


Appendix to Part 52—Deployment Schedule for Long-Term Database Methods for
Local Number Portability

   Implementation must be completed by the carriers in the relevant MSAs
   during the periods specified below:
    Phase I—10/1/97-3/31/98
   Chicago, IL            3
   Philadelphia, PA        4
   Atlanta, GA             8
   New York, NY            2
   Los Angeles, CA         1
   Houston, TX             7
   Minneapolis, MN        12
    Phase II—1/1/98-5/15/98
   Detroit, MI            6
   Cleveland, OH         20
   Washington, DC          5
   Baltimore, MD         18
   Miami, FL             24
   Fort Lauderdale, FL    39
   Orlando, FL            40
   Cincinnati, OH         30
   Tampa, FL              23
   Boston, MA              9
   Riverside, CA         10
   San Diego, CA          14
   Dallas, TX            11
   St. Louis, MO          16
   Phoenix, AZ           17
   Seattle, WA            22
   Phase III—4/1/98-6/30/98
   Indianapolis, IN      34
   Milwaukee, WI         35
   Columbus, OH           38
   Pittsburgh, PA        19
   Newark, NJ            25
   Norfolk, VA           32
   New Orleans, LA       41
   Charlotte, NC         43
   Greensboro, NC        48
   Nashville, TN         51
   Las Vegas, NV          50
   Nassau, NY            13
   Buffalo, NY           44
   Orange Co, CA         15
   Oakland, CA           21
   San Francisco, CA     29
   Rochester, NY          49
   Kansas City, KS       28
   Fort Worth, TX         33
   Hartford, CT          46
   Denver, CO            26
   Portland, OR           27
    Phase IV—7/1/98-9/30/98
   Grand Rapids, MI      56
   Dayton, OH            61
   Akron, OH             73
   Gary, IN               80
   Bergen, NJ            42
   Middlesex, NJ         52
   Monmouth, NJ          54
   Richmond, VA          63
   Memphis, TN           53
   Louisville, KY        57
   Jacksonville, FL      58
   Raleigh, NC           59
   West Palm Beach, FL   62
   Greenville, SC        66
   Honolulu, HI           65
   Providence, RI        47
   Albany, NY             64
   San Jose, CA          31
   Sacramento, CA        36
   Fresno, CA             68
   San Antonio, TX       37
   Oklahoma City, OK     55
   Austin, TX             60
   Salt Lake City, UT    45
   Tucson, AZ             71
   Phase V—10/1/98-12/31/98
   Toledo, OH            81
   Youngstown, OH        85
   Ann Arbor, MI         95
   Fort Wayne, IN       100
   Scranton, PA          78
   Allentown, PA         82
   Harrisburg, PA        83
   Jersey City, NJ       88
   Wilmington, DE        89
   Birmingham, AL        67
   Knoxville, KY         79
   Baton Rouge, LA       87
   Charleston, SC        92
   Sarasota, FL          93
   Mobile, AL            96
   Columbia, SC          98
   Tulsa, OK             70
   Syracuse, NY          69
   Springfield, MA       86
   Ventura, CA           72
   Bakersfield, CA       84
   Stockton, CA          94
   Vallejo, CA           99
   El Paso, TX           74
   Little Rock, AR       90
   Wichita, KS           97
   New Haven, CT         91
   Omaha, NE             75
   Albuquerque, NM       76
   Tacoma, WA             77

   [ 62 FR 18295 , Apr. 15, 1997]


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