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FCC 52.17
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  52.17   Costs of number administration.

   All telecommunications carriers in the United States shall contribute
   on a competitively neutral basis to meet the costs of establishing
   numbering administration.

   (a) Contributions to support numbering administration shall be the
   product of the contributors' end-user telecommunications revenues for
   the prior calendar year and a contribution factor determined annually
   by the Chief of the Common Carrier Bureau; such contributions to be no
   less than twenty-five dollars ($25). The contribution factor shall be
   based on the ratio of expected number administration expenses to
   end-user telecommunications revenues. Carriers that have no end-user
   telecommunications revenues shall contribute twenty-five dollars ($25).
   In the event that contributions exceed or are inadequate to cover
   administrative costs, the contribution factor for the following year
   shall be adjusted by an appropriate amount.

   (b) All telecommunications carriers in the United States shall complete
   and submit a “Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet” (as published by
   the Commission in the Federal Register), which sets forth the
   information needed to calculate contributions referred to in paragraph
   (a) of this section. The worksheet shall be certified to by an officer
   of the contributor, and subject to verification by the Commission or
   the B & C Agent at the discretion of the Commission. The Chief of the
   Common Carrier Bureau may waive, reduce, modify, or eliminate
   contributor reporting requirements that prove unnecessary and require
   additional reporting requirements that the Bureau deems necessary to
   the sound and efficient administration of the number administration
   cost recovery.

   [ 64 FR 41331 , July 30, 1999, as amended at  73 FR 9481 , Feb. 21, 2008;
    80 FR 66479 , Oct. 29, 2015]


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