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FCC 36.191
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  36.191   Equal access equipment.

   (a) Equal access investment includes only initial incremental
   expenditures for hardware and other equipment related directly to the
   provision of equal access which would not be required to upgrade the
   capabilities of the office involved absent the provision of equal
   access. Equal access investment is limited to such expenditures for
   converting central offices which serve competitive interexchange
   carriers or where there has been a bona fide request for conversion to
   equal access.

   (b) Equal access investment is first segregated from all other amounts
   in the primary accounts.

   (c) The equal access investment determined in this manner is allocated
   between the jurisdictions on the basis of relative state and interstate
   equal access traffic including interstate interLATA equal access
   traffic, intrastate interLATA equal access traffic, and BOC interstate
   corridor toll traffic as well as AT&T and OCC intraLATA equal access
   usage. Local exchange traffic and BOC intraLATA toll traffic is
   excluded. In the case of independent telephone companies, intrastate
   toll service provided by the independent local exchange company is
   excluded in determining intrastate usage, but intrastate toll service
   provided by long distance carriers affiliated with the local exchange
   company is included.

   (d) Effective July 1, 2001, through December 31, 2024, all study areas
   shall apportion Equal Access Equipment, as specified in paragraph (a)
   of this section, among the jurisdictions using the relative state and
   interstate equal access traffic, as specified in paragraph (c) of this
   section, for the twelve-month period ending December 31, 2000.

   [ 52 FR 17229 , May 6, 1987, as amended at  53 FR 33012 , Aug. 29, 1988;  66 FR 33206 , June 21, 2001;  75 FR 30301 , June 1, 2010;  76 FR 30841 , May
   27, 2011;  79 FR 36237 , June 26, 2014]


Subpart C—Operating Revenues and Certain Income Accounts




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