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FCC 3.72
Revised as of September 1, 2021
Goto Year:2020 | 2022
  §  3.72   Grounds for further enforcement action.

   (a) The Commission may take further enforcement action, including
   forfeiture, suspension or cancellation of an accounting authority
   certification, if it is determined that the public interest so
   requires. Reasons for which such action may be taken include, inter

   (1) Failure to initiate settlements within six months of certification
   or failure to perform settlements during any subsequent six month

   (2) Illegal activity or fraud;

   (3) Non-payment or late payment to a foreign administration or agent;

   (4) Failure to follow ITR requirements and procedures;

   (5) Failure to take into account ITU-T Recommendations;

   (6) Failure to follow FCC rules and regulations;

   (7) Bankruptcy; or

   (8) Providing false or incomplete information to the Commission or
   failure to comply with or respond to requests for information.

   (b) Prior to taking any of the enforcement actions in paragraph (a) of
   this section, the Commission will give notice of its intent to take the
   specified action and the grounds therefor, and afford a 30-day period
   for a response in writing; provided that, where the public interest so
   requires, the Commission may temporarily suspend a certification
   pending completion of these procedures. Responses must be forwarded to
   the Accounting Authority Certification Officer. See § 3.61.


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