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FCC 27.56
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  27.56   Antenna structures; air navigation safety.

   A licensee that owns its antenna structure(s) must not allow such
   antenna structure(s) to become a hazard to air navigation. In general,
   antenna structure owners are responsible for registering antenna
   structures with the FCC if required by part 17 of this chapter, and for
   installing and maintaining any required marking and lighting. However,
   in the event of default of this responsibility by an antenna structure
   owner, the FCC permittee or licensee authorized to use an affected
   antenna structure will be held responsible by the FCC for ensuring that
   the antenna structure continues to meet the requirements of part 17 of
   this chapter. See § 17.6 of this chapter.

   (a) Marking and lighting. Antenna structures must be marked, lighted
   and maintained in accordance with part 17 of this chapter and all
   applicable rules and requirements of the Federal Aviation
   Administration. For any construction or alteration that would exceed
   the requirements of section 17.7 of this chapter, licensees must notify
   the appropriate Regional Office of the Federal Aviation Administration
   (FAA Form 7460-1) and file a request for antenna height clearance and
   obstruction marking and lighting specifications (FCC Form 854) with the
   FCC, WTB, 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

   (b) Maintenance contracts. Antenna structure owners (or licensees and
   permittees, in the event of default by an antenna structure owner) may
   enter into contracts with other entities to monitor and carry out
   necessary maintenance of antenna structures. Antenna structure owners
   (or licensees and permittees, in the event of default by an antenna
   structure owner) that make such contractual arrangements continue to be
   responsible for the maintenance of antenna structures in regard to air
   navigation safety.


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