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FCC 25.272
Revised as of November 19, 2020
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  §  25.272   General inter-system coordination procedures.

   (a) Each space station licensee in the Fixed-Satellite Service shall
   establish a satellite network control center which will have the
   responsibility to do the following:

   (1) Monitor space-to-Earth transmissions in its system (thus indirectly
   monitoring uplink earth station transmissions in its system) and

   (2) Coordinate transmissions in its satellite system with those of
   other systems to prevent harmful interference incidents or, in the
   event of a harmful interference incident, to identify the source of the
   interference and correct the problem promptly.

   (b) [Reserved]

   (c) The transmitting earth station licensee shall provide the
   operator(s) of the satellites, on which the licensee is authorized to
   transmit, contact telephone numbers for the control center of the earth
   station and emergency telephone numbers for key personnel; a current
   file of these contacts shall be maintained at each satellite system
   control center.

   (d) An earth station licensee shall ensure that each of its authorized
   earth stations complies with the following:

   (1) The earth station licensee shall ensure that there is continuously
   available means of communications between the satellite network control
   center and the earth station operator or its remote control point as
   designated by the licensee.

   (2) The earth station operator shall notify the satellite network
   control center and receive permission from the control center before
   transmitting to the satellite or changing the basic characteristics of
   a transmission.

   (3) The earth station operator shall keep the space station licensee
   informed of all actual and planned usage.

   (4) Upon approval of the satellite network control center, the earth
   station operator may radiate an RF carrier into the designated
   transponder. Should improper illumination of the transponder or undue
   adjacent transponder interference be observed by the satellite network
   control center, the earth station operator shall immediately take
   whatever measures are needed to eliminate the problem.

   (5) The space station licensee may delegate the responsibility and
   duties of the satellite network control center to a technically
   qualified user or group of users, but the space station licensee shall
   remain ultimately responsible for the performance of those duties.

   [ 58 FR 13421 , Mar. 11, 1993, as amended at  62 FR 5931 , Feb. 10, 1997;
    78 FR 8431 , Feb. 6, 2013;  79 FR 8325 , Feb. 12, 2014]


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