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FCC 25.133
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  25.133   Period of construction; certification of commencement of operation.

   (a) An earth station, or network of blanket-licensed earth stations,
   must be brought into operation within the longest of the time periods
   below, unless the Commission determines otherwise:

   (1) For an earth station authorized to communicate with a GSO FSS space
   station in the 3600-4200 MHz band (space-to-Earth) operating outside of
   CONUS, or in the 5850-6725 MHz band (Earth-to-space), within one year
   from the date of the license grant;

   (2) For any other earth station or network of earth stations, within
   one year from the date of the license grant or six months after the
   bringing into operation of a GSO space station, or NGSO system under
   § 25.164(b)(1), with which the earth station or earth station network
   was authorized to communicate when it was licensed, as notified under
   § 25.173(b).

   (b)(1) Each initial license for a transmitting earth station or
   modified license authorizing operation of an additional transmitting
   antenna, except for blanket licenses, will also specify as a condition
   therein that upon completion of construction, the licensee must file
   with the Commission a certification containing the following

   (i) The name of the licensee;

   (ii) File number of the application;

   (iii) Call sign of the antenna;

   (iv) Date of the license;

   (v) A certification that the facility as authorized has been completed
   and that each antenna has been tested and found to perform within
   authorized gain patterns or off-axis EIRP density levels; and

   (vi) The date when the earth station became operational.

   (vii) A statement that the station will remain operational during the
   license period unless the license is submitted for cancellation.

   (2) For FSS earth stations authorized under a blanket license, the
   licensee must notify the Commission when the earth station network
   commences operation. The notification should include the information
   described in paragraphs (b)(1)(i) through (iv) of this section and a
   certification that each hub antenna, and a type of antenna used in
   remote stations in the network, has been tested and found to perform
   within authorized gain patterns or off-axis EIRP density levels. For
   any type of antenna whose performance was not certified when the
   network commenced operation, the licensee must submit the information
   and certification stated above for the antenna type when it is first

   (c) [Reserved]

   (d) Each receiving earth station licensed or registered pursuant to
   § 25.115(b) must be constructed and placed into service within 6 months
   after coordination has been completed. Each licensee or registrant must
   file with the Commission a certification that the facility is completed
   and operating as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, with the
   exception of certification of antenna patterns.

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