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FCC 22.601
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  22.601   Existing microwave stations licensed under this part.

   Existing microwave stations (2110-2130 and 2160-2180 MHz) licensed
   under this part (pursuant to former rules) are subject to the
   transition rules in § 22.602. No new microwave systems will be
   authorized under this part.

   (a) Coordination required. Before filing applications for authority to
   modify existing stations on these channels or major amendments to such
   applications, carriers must coordinate the planned channel usage, using
   the procedure outlined in § 22.150, with affected parties in this radio
   service and the Point-to-Point Microwave Service and the Multipoint
   Distribution Service. Affected parties are licensees and other
   applicants with previously filed pending applications whose stations
   could affect or be affected by the proposed modification of the
   existing station in terms of interference.

   (b) System parameters. In designing a system modification, the
   applicant must select sites, equipment and channels that will avoid
   harmful interference to other users. All parties must cooperate fully
   and make reasonable efforts to resolve technical problems and conflicts
   that may inhibit the most effective and efficient use of the radio
   spectrum; however, a party receiving notification is not obligated to
   suggest changes or re-design a proposal in cases involving conflicts.
   The applicant must identify in the application all parties with which
   the technical proposal was coordinated. In the event that technical
   problems are not resolved or if an affected party does not respond to
   coordination efforts within 30 days after notification, an explanation
   must be contained in the application. Where technical conflicts are
   resolved by an agreement between the parties that requires special
   procedures to reduce the likelihood of harmful interference (such as
   the use of artificial site shielding), or would result in a reduction
   of quality or capacity of either system, the details thereof must be
   contained in the application.

   (c) Bandwidth. Applicants must request the minimum emission bandwidth
   necessary. The FCC does not authorize bandwidths larger than 800 kHz
   under this part.

   [ 59 FR 59507 , Nov. 17, 1994, as amended at  70 FR 19309 , Apr. 13, 2005]


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