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FCC 22.507
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  22.507   Number of transmitters per station.

   This section concerns the number of transmitters licensed under each
   station authorization in the Paging and Radiotelephone Service, other
   than paging geographic area authorizations.

   (a) Operationally related transmitters. Each station must have at least
   one transmitter. There is no limit to the number of transmitters that a
   station may comprise. However, transmitters within a station should be
   operationally related and/or should serve the same general geographical
   area. Operationally related transmitters are those that operate
   together as a system (e.g., trunked systems, simulcast systems), rather
   than independently.

   (b) Split of large systems. The FCC may split wide-area systems into
   two or more stations for administrative convenience. Except for
   nationwide paging and other operationally related transmitters,
   transmitters that are widely separated geographically are not licensed
   under a single authorization.

   (c) Consolidation of separate stations. The FCC may consolidate
   site-specific contiguous authorizations upon request (FCC Form 601) of
   the licensee, if appropriate under paragraph (a) of this section.
   Paging licensees may include remote, stand-alone transmitters under the
   single system-wide authorization, if the remote, stand-alone
   transmitter is linked to the system via a control/repeater facility or
   by satellite. Including a remote, stand-alone transmitter in a
   system-wide authorization does not alter the limitations provided under
   § 22.503(f) on entities other than the paging geographic area licensee.
   In the alternative, paging licensees may maintain separate
   site-specific authorizations for stand-alone or remote transmitters.
   The earliest expiration date of the authorizations that make up the
   single system-wide authorization will determine the expiration date for
   the system-wide authorization. Licensees must file timely renewal
   applications for site-specific authorizations included in a single
   system-wide authorization request until the request is approved.
   Renewal of the system-wide authorization will be subject to § 1.949 of
   this chapter.

   (d) Replacement of site-by-site authorizations with single
   authorization. After a paging geographic area authorization for a
   channel has been issued, the FCC may, on its own motion, replace the
   authorization(s) of any other licensee (for facilities located within
   that paging geographic area on that channel) with a single replacement

   [ 62 FR 11634 , Mar. 12, 1997, as amended at  63 FR 68945 , Dec. 14, 1998;
    64 FR 33784 , June 24, 1999]


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