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FCC 22.313
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  22.313   Station identification.

   The licensee of each station in the Public Mobile Services must ensure
   that the transmissions of that station are identified in accordance
   with the requirements of this section.

   (a) Station identification is not required for transmission by:

   (1) Stations in the Cellular Radiotelephone Service;

   (2) General aviation ground stations in the Air-ground Radiotelephone

   (3) [Reserved]

   (4) Stations using Basic Exchange Telephone Radio Systems in the Rural
   Radiotelephone Service;

   (5) [Reserved]

   (6) Stations operating pursuant to paging geographic area

   (b) For all other stations in the Public Mobile Services, station
   identification must be transmitted each hour within five minutes of the
   hour, or upon completion of the first transmission after the hour.
   Transmission of station identification may be temporarily delayed to
   avoid interrupting the continuity of any public communication in
   progress, provided that station identification is transmitted at the
   conclusion of that public communication.

   (c) Station identification must be transmitted by telephony using the
   English language or by telegraphy using the international Morse code,
   and in a form that can be received using equipment appropriate for the
   modulation type employed, and understood without the use of
   unscrambling devices, except that, alternatively, station
   identification may be transmitted digitally, provided that the licensee
   provides the Commission with information sufficient to decode the
   digital transmission to ascertain the call sign. Station identification
   comprises transmission of the call sign assigned by the Commission to
   the station, however, the following may be used in lieu of the call

   (1) For transmission from subscriber operated transmitters, the
   telephone number or other designation assigned by the carrier, provided
   that a written record of such designations is maintained by the

   (2) For general aviation airborne mobile stations in the Air-Ground
   Radiotelephone Service, the official FAA registration number of the

   (3) For stations in the Paging and Radiotelephone Service, a call sign
   assigned to another station within the same system.

   [ 59 FR 59507 , Nov. 17, 1994, as amended at  59 FR 59955 , Nov. 21, 1994;
    62 FR 11633 , Mar. 12, 1997;  70 FR 19308 , Apr. 13, 2005]


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Goto Year: 2020 | 2022
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