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FCC 2.948
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  2.948   Measurement facilities.

   (a) Equipment authorized under the certification procedure shall be
   tested at a laboratory that is accredited in accordance with paragraph
   (e) of this section.

   (b) A laboratory that makes measurements of equipment subject to an
   equipment authorization under the certification procedure or Supplier's
   Declaration of Conformity shall compile a description of the
   measurement facilities employed.

   (1) The description of the measurement facilities shall contain the
   following information:

   (i) Location of the test site.

   (ii) Physical description of the test site accompanied by photographs
   that clearly show the details of the test site.

   (iii) A drawing showing the dimensions of the site, physical layout of
   all supporting structures, and all structures within 5 times the
   distance between the measuring antenna and the device being measured.

   (iv) Description of structures used to support the device being
   measured and the test instrumentation.

   (v) List of measuring equipment used.

   (vi) Information concerning the calibration of the measuring equipment,
   i.e., the date the equipment was last calibrated and how often the
   equipment is calibrated.

   (vii) For a measurement facility that will be used for testing radiated
   emissions, a plot of site attenuation data taken pursuant to paragraph
   (d) of this section.

   (2) The description of the measurement facilities shall be provided to
   a laboratory accreditation body upon request.

   (3) The description of the measurement facilities shall be retained by
   the party responsible for authorization of the equipment and provided
   to the Commission upon request.

   (i) The party responsible for authorization of the equipment may rely
   upon the description of the measurement facilities retained by an
   independent laboratory that performed the tests. In this situation, the
   party responsible for authorization of the equipment is not required to
   retain a duplicate copy of the description of the measurement

   (ii) No specific site calibration data is required for equipment that
   is authorized for compliance based on measurements performed at the
   installation site of the equipment. The description of the measurement
   facilities may be retained at the site at which the measurements were

   (c) The Commission will maintain a list of accredited laboratories that
   it has recognized. The Commission will make publicly available a list
   of those laboratories that have indicated a willingness to perform
   testing for the general public. Inclusion of a facility on the
   Commission's list does not constitute Commission endorsement of that
   facility. In order to be included on this list, the accrediting
   organization (or Designating Authority in the case of foreign
   laboratories) must submit the information listed below to the
   Commission's laboratory:

   (1) Laboratory name, location of test site(s), mailing address and
   contact information;

   (2) Name of accrediting organization;

   (3) Scope of laboratory accreditation;

   (4) Date of expiration of accreditation;

   (5) Designation number;

   (6) FCC Registration Number (FRN);

   (7) A statement as to whether or not the laboratory performs testing on
   a contract basis;

   (8) For laboratories outside the United States, the name of the mutual
   recognition agreement or arrangement under which the accreditation of
   the laboratory is recognized;

   (9) Other information as requested by the Commission.

   (d) When the measurement method used requires the testing of radiated
   emissions on a validated test site, the site attenuation must comply
   with the requirements of Sections 5.4.4 through 5.5 of the following
   procedure: ANSI C63.4-2014 (incorporated by reference, see § 2.910).
   Measurement facilities used to make radiated emission measurements from
   30 MHz to 1 GHz shall comply with the site validation requirements in
   ANSI C63.4-2014 (clause 5.4.4) and for radiated emission measurements
   from 1 GHz to 40 GHz shall comply with the site validation requirement
   of ANSI C63.4-2014 (clause 5.5.1 a) 1)), such that the site validation
   criteria called out in CISPR 16-1-4:2010-04 (incorporated by reference,
   see § 2.910) is met. Test site revalidation shall occur on an interval
   not to exceed three years.

   (e) A laboratory that has been accredited with a scope covering the
   measurements required for the types of equipment that it will test
   shall be deemed competent to test and submit test data for equipment
   subject to certification. Such a laboratory shall be accredited by a
   Commission recognized accreditation organization based on the
   International Organization for Standardization/International
   Electrotechnical Commission International Standard ISO/IEC 17025,
   (incorporated by reference, see § 2.910). The organization accrediting
   the laboratory must be recognized by the Commission's Office of
   Engineering and Technology, as indicated in § 0.241 of this chapter, to
   perform such accreditation based on International Standard ISO/IEC
   17011 (incorporated by reference, see § 2.910). The frequency for
   reassessment of the test facility and the information that is required
   to be filed or retained by the testing party shall comply with the
   requirements established by the accrediting organization, but shall
   occur on an interval not to exceed two years.

   (f) The accreditation of a laboratory located outside of the United
   States, or its possessions, will be acceptable only under one of the
   following conditions:

   (1) If the accredited laboratory has been designated by a foreign
   Designating Authority and recognized by the Commission under the terms
   of a government-to-government Mutual Recognition Agreement/Arrangement
   (MRA); or

   (2) If the laboratory is located in a country that does not have an MRA
   with the United States, then it must be accredited by an organization
   recognized by the Commission under the provisions of § 2.949 for
   performing accreditations in the country where the laboratory is

   [ 80 FR 33442 , June 12, 2015, as amended at  82 FR 50828 , Nov. 2, 2017]


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