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FCC 2.815
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  2.815   External radio frequency power amplifiers.

   (a) As used in this part, an external radio frequency power amplifier
   is any device which, (1) when used in conjunction with a radio
   transmitter as a signal source is capable of amplification of that
   signal, and (2) is not an integral part of a radio transmitter as

   (b) No person shall manufacture, sell or lease, offer for sale or lease
   (including advertising for sale or lease) or import, ship or distribute
   for the purpose of selling or leasing or offering for sale or lease,
   any external radio frequency power amplifier capable of operation on
   any frequency or frequencies below 144 MHz unless the amplifier has
   received a grant of certification in accordance with subpart J of this
   part and other relevant parts of this chapter. These amplifiers shall
   comply with the following:

   (1) The external radio frequency power amplifier shall not be capable
   of amplification in the frequency band 26-28 MHz.

   (2) The amplifier shall not be capable of easy modification to permit
   its use as an amplifier in the frequency band 26-28 MHz.

   (3) No more than 10 external radio frequency power amplifiers may be
   constructed for evaluation purposes in preparation for the submission
   of an application for a grant of certification.

   (4) If the external radio frequency power amplifier is intended for
   operation in the Amateur Radio Service under part 97 of this chapter,
   the requirements of § § 97.315 and 97.317 of this chapter shall be met.

   [ 40 FR 1246 , Jan. 7, 1975;  40 FR 6474 , Feb. 12, 1975, as amended at  43 FR 12687 , Mar. 27, 1978;  43 FR 33725 , Aug. 1, 1978;  46 FR 18981 , Mar.
   27, 1981;  62 FR 10470 , Mar. 7, 1997;  71 FR 66461 , Nov. 15, 2006]


Subpart J—Equipment Authorization Procedures

   Source:  39 FR 5919 , Feb. 15, 1974, unless otherwise noted.


General Provisions


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