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FCC 14.34
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  14.34   Informal complaints; form, filing, content, and consumer assistance.

   (a) An informal complaint alleging a violation of section 255, 716 or
   718 of the Act or parts 6, 7, or 14 of this chapter may be transmitted
   to the Enforcement Bureau by any reasonable means, including the
   Commission's online informal complaint filing system, U.S. Mail,
   overnight delivery, or email. Any Requests filed using a method other
   than the Commission's online system should include a cover letter that
   references section 255, 716, or 718 or the rules of parts 6, 7, or 14
   of this chapter and should be addressed to the Enforcement Bureau.

   (b) An informal complaint shall include:

   (1) The name, address, email address, and telephone number of the

   (2) The name, address, and telephone number of the manufacturer or
   service provider defendant against whom the complaint is made;

   (3) The date or dates on which the complainant or person(s) on whose
   behalf the complaint is being filed either purchased, acquired, or used
   or attempted to purchase, acquire, or use the equipment or service
   about which the complaint is being made;

   (4) A complete statement of fact explaining why the complainant
   contends that the defendant manufacturer or provider is in violation of
   section 255, 716 or 718 of the Act or the Commission's rules, including
   details regarding the service or equipment and the relief requested,
   and all documentation that supports the complainant's contention;

   (5) A certification that the complainant submitted to the Commission a
   Request for Dispute Assistance, pursuant to § 14.32, no less than 30
   days before the complaint is filed;

   (6) The complainant's preferred format or method of response to the
   complaint by the Commission and defendant (e.g., letter, facsimile
   transmissions, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), email, audio-cassette
   recording, Braille, or some other method that will best accommodate the
   complainant's disability, if any); and

   (7) Any other information that is required by the Commission's
   accessibility complaint form.

   (c) Any party with a question about information that should be included
   in an Informal Complaint should email the Commission's Disability
   Rights Office at or call (202) 418-2517 (voice), (202)
   418-2922 (TTY).


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Goto Year: 2020 | 2022
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