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FCC 11.54
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  11.54   EAS operation during a National Level emergency.

   (a) Immediately upon receipt of an EAN message, or the NPT Event code
   in the case of a nationwide test of the EAS, EAS Participants must
   comply with the following requirements, as applicable:

   (1) Analog and digital broadcast stations may transmit their call
   letters and analog cable systems, digital cable systems and wireless
   cable systems may transmit the names of the communities they serve
   during an EAS activation. State and Local Area identifications must be
   given as provided in State and Local Area EAS Plans.

   (2) Analog and digital broadcast stations are exempt from complying
   with § § 73.62 and 73.1560 of this chapter (operating power maintenance)
   while operating under this part.

   (3) The time of receipt of the EAN shall be entered by analog and
   digital broadcast stations in their logs (as specified in § § 73.1820 and
   73.1840 of this chapter), by analog and digital cable systems in their
   records (as specified in § 76.1711 of this chapter), by subject wireless
   cable systems in their records (as specified in § 21.304 of this
   chapter), and by all other EAS Participants in their records as
   specified in § 11.35(a).

   (b) EAS Participants originating emergency communications under this
   section shall be considered to have conferred rebroadcast authority, as
   required by section 325(a) of the Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C.
   325(a), to other EAS Participants.

   (c) During a national level EAS emergency, EAS Participants may
   transmit in lieu of the EAS audio feed an audio feed of the President's
   voice message from an alternative source, such as a broadcast network
   audio feed.

   [ 77 FR 16705 , Mar. 22, 2012, as amended at  80 FR 37177 , June 30, 2015]


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