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FCC 101.151
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  101.151   Use of signal boosters.

   Private operational-fixed licensees authorized to operate multiple
   address systems in the 928-929/952-960 MHz and 932-932.5/941-941.5 MHz
   bands may employ signal boosters at fixed locations in accordance with
   the following criteria:

   (a) The amplified signal is retransmitted only on the exact
   frequency(ies) of the originating base, fixed, mobile, or portable
   station(s). The booster will fill in only weak signal areas and cannot
   extend the system's normal signal coverage area.

   (b) Class A narrowband signal boosters must be equipped with automatic
   gain control circuitry which will limit the total effective radiated
   power (ERP) of the unit to a maximum of 5 watts under all conditions.
   Class B broadband signal boosters are limited to 5 watts ERP for each
   authorized frequency that the booster is designed to amplify.

   (c) Class A narrowband boosters must meet the out-of-band emission
   limits of § 101.111 for each narrowband channel that the booster is
   designed to amplify. Class B broadband signal boosters must meet the
   emission limits of § 101.111 for frequencies outside of the booster's
   design passband.

   (d) Class B broadband signal boosters are permitted to be used only in
   confined or indoor areas such as buildings, tunnels, underground areas,
   etc., or remote areas, i.e., areas where there is little or no risk of
   interference to other users.

   (e) The licensee is given authority to operate signal boosters without
   separate authorization from the Commission. Certificated equipment must
   be employed and the licensee must ensure that all applicable rule
   requirements are met.

   (f) Licensees employing either Class A narrowband or Class B broadband
   signal boosters as defined in § 101.3 are responsible for correcting any
   harmful interference that the equipment may cause to other systems.

   [ 61 FR 31052 , June 19, 1996, as amended at  63 FR 36611 , July 7, 1998]


Subpart D—Operational Requirements


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