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FCC 1.7008
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  1.7008   Creation of broadband internet access service coverage maps.

   (a) After consultation with the Federal Geographic Data Committee, the
   Commission shall use the availability and quality of service data
   submitted by providers in the Digital Opportunity Data Collection to

   (1) The Broadband Map, which shall depict areas of the country that
   remain unserved by providers and depict the extent of availability of
   broadband internet access service;

   (2) A map that depicts the availability of fixed broadband internet
   access service; and

   (3) A map that depicts the availability of mobile broadband internet
   access service.

   (b) The Commission shall use the maps created in paragraph (a) of this
   section to determine areas where broadband internet access service is
   and is not available and when making any funding award for broadband
   internet access service deployment for residential and mobile

   (c) Based on the most recent Digital Opportunity Data Collection
   information collected from providers, the Commission shall update the
   maps created in paragraph (a) of this section at least biannually using
   the data collected from providers.

   (d)(1) The Commission shall collect verified data for use in the
   coverage maps from:

   (i) State, local, and Tribal entities primarily responsible for mapping
   or tracking broadband internet access service coverage in their areas;

   (ii) Third parties, if the Commission determines it is in the public
   interest to use their data in the development of the coverage maps or
   the verification of data submitted by providers; and

   (iii) Other Federal agencies.

   (2) To the extent they choose to file verified data, such government
   entities and third parties shall follow the same filing process as
   providers submitting their broadband internet access service data in
   the Digital Opportunity Data Collection portal.

   (3) Providers shall review the verified data submitted by governments
   and third parties in the online portal, work with the submitter to
   resolve any coverage discrepancies, make any corrections they deem
   necessary based on such review, and submit any updated data to the
   Commission within 60 days of the date that the provider is notified
   that the data has been submitted in the online portal by the government
   entity or third party.

   [ 85 FR 50907 , Aug. 18, 2020, as amended at  86 FR 18162 , Apr. 7, 2021]


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