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FCC 1.50001
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  1.50001   Definitions.

   For purposes of this subpart:

   (a) Advanced communications service. The term “advanced communications
   service” means high-speed, switched, broadband telecommunications
   capability that enables users to originate and receive high-quality
   voice, data, graphics, and video telecommunications using any
   technology with connection speeds of at least 200 kbps in either

   (b) Appropriate national security agency. The term “appropriate
   national security agency” means:

   (1) The Department of Homeland Security;

   (2) The Department of Defense;

   (3) The Office of the Director of National Intelligence;

   (4) The National Security Agency; and

   (5) The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

   (c) Communications equipment or service. The term “communications
   equipment or service” means any equipment or service used in fixed and
   mobile networks that provides advanced communication service, provided
   the equipment or service includes or uses electronic components.

   (d) Covered communications equipment or service. The term “covered
   communications equipment or service” means any communications equipment
   or service that is included on the Covered List developed pursuant to
   § 1.50002.

   (e) Determinations. The term “determination” means any determination
   from sources identified in § 1.50002(b)(1)(i)-(iv) that communications
   equipment or service pose an unacceptable risk to the national security
   of the United States or the security and safety of United States

   (f) Covered List. The Covered List is a regularly updated list of
   covered communications equipment and services.

   (g) Reimbursement Program. The Reimbursement Program means the program
   established by section 4 of the Secure and Trusted Communications
   Networks Act of 2019, Public Law 116-124, 133 Stat. 158, codified at 47
   U.S.C. 1603, as implemented by the Commission in § 1.50004.

   (h) Reimbursement Program recipient (or recipient). The term
   “Reimbursement Program recipient” or “recipient” means an eligible
   advanced communications service provider that has requested via
   application and been approved for funding in the Reimbursement Program,
   regardless of whether the provider has received reimbursement funds.

   (i) Replacement List. The Replacement List is a list of categories of
   suggested replacements for covered communications equipment or service.


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