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FCC 54.1505
Revised as of January 17, 2020
Goto Year:2019 | 2021
  § 54.1505   Stage 2 fixed support application process.

   (a) Provider eligibility. A provider shall be eligible to submit an
   application for support from Stage 2 of the fixed Uniendo a Puerto Rico
   Fund or of the fixed Connect USVI Fund if it had its own fixed network
   and provided broadband service in Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin
   Islands, respectively, according to its June 2018 FCC Form 477 data. A
   provider must obtain eligible telecommunications carrier designation no
   later than sixty (60) days after public notice of selection to receive
   fixed support. Any entity that is awarded support but fails to obtain
   ETC designation within sixty (60) days shall be considered in default
   and will not be eligible to receive high-cost funding.

   (b) Application processing. No application will be considered unless it
   has been submitted in an acceptable form during the period specified by
   public notice. No applications submitted or demonstrations made at any
   other time shall be accepted or considered.

   (c) Application format. All applications must be substantially in the
   format as specified and announced by the Wireline Competition Bureau.

   (1) Any application that, as of the submission deadline, either does
   not identify the applicant seeking support as specified in the public
   notice announcing application procedures or does not include required
   certifications shall be denied.

   (2) An applicant may be afforded an opportunity to make minor
   modifications to amend its application or correct defects noted by the
   applicant, the Commission, the Administrator, or other parties. Minor
   modifications include correcting typographical errors in the
   application and supplying non-material information that was
   inadvertently omitted or was not available at the time the application
   was submitted.

   (3) Applications to which major modifications are made after the
   deadline for submitting proposals shall be denied. Major modifications
   may include, but are not limited to, any changes in the ownership of
   the applicant that constitute an assignment or change of control, or
   the identity of the applicant, or the certifications required in the

   (d) Application contents. In addition to providing information required
   by the Wireline Competition Bureau, any applicant for support from
   Stage 2 of the fixed Uniendo a Puerto Rico Fund or of the fixed Connect
   USVI Fund shall:

   (1) Include ownership information as set forth in § 1.2112(a) of this

   (2) Submit a detailed network plan and documents evidencing adequate
   financing for the project;

   (3) Disclose its status as an eligible telecommunications carrier to
   the extent applicable and certify that it acknowledges that it must be
   designated as an eligible telecommunications carrier for the area in
   which it will receive support prior to being authorized to receive

   (4) Describe the technology or technologies that will be used to
   provide service for each application; and

   (5) To the extent that an applicant plans to use spectrum to offer its
   voice and broadband services, demonstrate it has the proper
   authorizations, if applicable, and access to operate on the spectrum it
   intends to use, and that the spectrum resources will be sufficient to
   cover peak network usage and deliver the minimum performance
   requirements to serve all of the fixed locations in eligible areas, and
   certify that it will retain its access to the spectrum for the term of
   support; and

   (6) Provide a letter from a bank meeting the eligibility requirements
   outlined in § 54.1508 committing to issue an irrevocable stand-by letter
   of credit, in the required form, to the winning applicant. The letter
   shall at a minimum provide the dollar amount of the letter of credit
   and the issuing bank's agreement to follow the terms and conditions of
   the Commission's model letter of credit.

   (e) Identification of winning applicant. After receipt and review of
   the proposals, a public notice shall identify each winning applicant
   that may be authorized to receive support from Stage 2 of the fixed
   Uniendo a Puerto Rico Fund and the fixed Connect USVI Fund support
   after the winning applicant submits a letter of credit and an
   accompanying opinion letter, as described in this section, in a form
   acceptable to the Commission. Each such winning applicant shall submit
   a letter of credit and accompanying opinion letter in a form acceptable
   to the Commission no later than the number of days provided by public

   (f) Authorization to receive support. After receipt of all necessary
   information, a public notice will identify each winning applicant that
   is authorized to receive Uniendo a Puerto Rico Fund and the Connect
   USVI Fund Stage 2 fixed support.

   Effective Date Note: At  84 FR 59963 , Nov. 7, 2019, § 54.1505 was added.
   This section contains information collection and recordkeeping
   requirements and will not become effective until approval has been
   given by the Office of Management and Budget.

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