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FCC 25.702
Revised as of February 18, 2020
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  § 25.702   Other SDARS Public interest obligations.

   (a) Political broadcasting requirements. The following political
   broadcasting rules shall apply to all SDARS licensees: 47 CFR 73.1940
   (Legally qualified candidates for public office), 73.1941 (Equal
   opportunities), 73.1942 (Candidate rates), and 73.1944 (Reasonable

   (b) Political file. Each SDARS licensee shall maintain a complete and
   orderly political file.

   (1) The political file shall contain, at a minimum:

   (i) A record of all requests for SDARS origination time, the
   disposition of those requests, and the charges made, if any, if the
   request is granted. The “disposition” includes the schedule of time
   purchased, when spots actually aired, the rates charged, and the
   classes of time purchased; and

   (ii) A record of the free time provided if free time is provided for
   use by or on behalf of candidates.

   (2) SDARS licensees shall place all records required by this section in
   the political file as soon as possible and shall retain the records for
   a period of two years. After the effective date of this section, SDARS
   licensees shall place all new political file material required to be
   retained by this section in the online public file hosted by the

   (c) Public inspection file. (1) Each SDARS applicant or licensee must
   also place in the online public file hosted by the Commission the
   records required to be placed in the public inspection file by 47 CFR
   25.601 and 73.2080 (equal employment opportunities (EEO)) and retain
   those records for the period required by those rules.

   (2) Each SDARS licensee must provide a link to the public inspection
   file hosted on the Commission's Web site from the home page of its own
   Web site, if the licensee has a Web site, and provide on its Web site
   contact information for a representative who can assist any person with
   disabilities with issues related to the content of the public files.
   Each SDARS licensee also must include in the online public file the
   address of the licensee's local public file, if the licensee retains
   documents in the local public file that are not available in the
   Commission's online file, and the name, phone number, and email address
   of the licensee's designated contact for questions about the public

   [ 81 FR 10122 , Feb. 29, 2016]

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