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FCC 5.54
Revised as of June 13, 2019
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  § 5.54   Types of authorizations available.

   Link to an amendment published at  84 FR 25690 , June 4, 2019.

   The Commission issues the following types of experimental

   (a)(1) Conventional experimental radio license. This type of license is
   issued for a specific research or experimentation project (or a series
   of closely-related research or experimentation projects), a product
   development trial, or a market trial. Widely divergent and unrelated
   experiments must be conducted under separate licenses.

   (2) Special temporary authorization. When an experimental program is
   expected to last no more than six months, its operation is considered
   to be temporary and the special temporary authorization procedure
   outlined in § 5.61 must be used.

   (b) Broadcast experimental radio license. This type of license is
   issued for the purpose of research and experimentation for the
   development and advancement of new broadcast technology, equipment,
   systems or services. This is limited to stations intended for reception
   and use by the general public.

   (c) Program experimental radio license. This type of license is issued
   to qualified institutions and to conduct an ongoing program of research
   and experimentation under a single experimental authorization subject
   to the requirements of subpart E of this part. Program experimental
   radio licenses are available to colleges, universities, research
   laboratories, manufacturers of radio frequency equipment, manufacturers
   that integrate radio frequency equipment into their end products, and
   medical research institutions.

   (d) Medical testing experimental radio license. This type of license is
   issued to hospitals and health care institutions that demonstrate
   expertise in testing and operation of experimental medical devices that
   use wireless telecommunications technology or communications functions
   in clinical trials for diagnosis, treatment, or patient monitoring.

   (e) Compliance testing experimental radio license. This type of license
   will be issued to laboratories recognized by the FCC under subpart J of
   part 2 of this chapter to perform:

   (1) Testing of radio frequency devices, and

   (2) Testing of radio frequency equipment in an Open Area Test Site.

   (f) An experimental license is not required when operation of a
   radiofrequency device is fully contained within an anechoic chamber or
   a Faraday cage.

General Filing Requirements

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