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FCC 73.202
Revised as of October 1, 2016
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  § 73.202   Table of Allotments.

   Link to an amendment published at  78 FR 25591 , May 2, 2013.

   Link to an amendment published at  81 FR 65305 , September 22, 2016.

   (a) General. The following Table of Allotments contains the channels
   (other than noncommercial educational Channels 201-220) designated for
   use in communities in the United States, its territories, and
   possessions, and not currently assigned to a licensee or permittee or
   subject to a pending application for construction permit or license.
   All listed channels are for Class B stations in Zones I and I-A and for
   Class C stations in Zone II unless otherwise specifically designated.
   Channels to which licensed, permitted, and “reserved” facilities have
   been assigned are reflected in the Media Bureau's publicly available
   Consolidated Data Base System.

   (1) Channels designated with an asterisk may be used only by
   noncommercial educational broadcast stations. The rules governing the
   use of those channels are contained in part 73, subpart C of this
   chapter. An entity that would be eligible to operate a noncommercial
   educational broadcast station can, in conjunction with an initial
   petition for rulemaking filed pursuant to part 1, subpart C of this
   chapter, request that a nonreserved FM channel (channels 221 through
   300) be allotted as reserved only for noncommercial educational
   broadcasting by demonstrating the following:

   (i) No reserved channel can be used without causing prohibited
   interference to TV channel 6 stations or foreign broadcast stations; or

   (ii) The applicant is technically precluded from using the reserved
   band by existing stations or previously filed applications and the
   proposed station would provide a first or second noncommercial
   educational radio service to 2,000 or more people who constitute 10% of
   the population within the proposed allocation's 60 dBu (1 mV/m) service

   (2) Each channel listed in the Table of Allotments reflects the class
   of station that is authorized to use it based on the minimum and
   maximum facility requirements for each class contained in § 73.211.

   Note: The provisions of this paragraph [(a)(2) of this section] become
   effective [3 years from the effective date of the Report and Order in
   BC Docket 80-90].

   (b) Table of FM Allotments.
                      Channel No.
   Waverly                      262A
   Bagdad                      269C3
   Ehrenberg                   228C2
   First Mesa                   281C
   Overgaard                   232C3
   Peach Springs               †265A
   Pima                        *296A
   Quartzsite                  275C3
   Rough Rock                  258C2
   Sells                        285A
   Snowflake                   258C2
   Somerton                   *260C3
   Wickenburg                  229C3
   Dermott                      224A
   Heber Springs               270C3
   Hermitage                    300A
   Rison                        255A
   Barstow                      267A
   Cottonwood                   221A
   Essex                        280B
   Hemet                       *273A
   Lake Isabella                239A
   Portola                      269A
   Randsburg                    275A
   Shasta Lake                  224A
   Sutter Creek                *298A
   Westley                     *238A
   Wofford Heights              251A
   Akron                       279C1
   Dove Creek                  229C3
   Lake City                    247A
   Olathe              *270C2, *293C
   Stratton                    246C1
   Cross City                  249C3
   Horseshoe Beach            *234C3
   Otter Creek                 *240A
   Maysville                    265A
   Tignall                      287A
   Kualapuu                    296C2
   McCall                       280A
   Abingdon                     252A
   Cedarville                  *258A
   Greenup                     *230A
   Pinckneyville               *282A
   Fowler                      *291A
   Madison                     *265A
   Terre Haute                 *298B
   Asbury                      *238A
   Keosauqua                  *271C3
   Rudd                        *268A
   Council Grove              *281C3
   Irvington                    261A
   Perryville                   298A
   Bastrop                      228A
   Florien                      242A
   Golden Meadow              *289C2
   Haynesville                  286A
   Hornbeck                     269A
   Rosepine                     281A
   Wisner                      300C3
   Newark                       235A
   West Tisbury                *282A
   Custer                       260A
   Houghton                    242C1
   Lexington                   *256A
   Baudette                    233C1
   Grand Portage         224C, 274C
   Bruce                        233A
   Cleveland                   226C2
   Drew                         237A
   Mound Bayou                  270A
   Summit                       228A
   Columbia                    252C2
   Laurie                      265C3
   Maryville                   285C3
   Bozeman                    *240C3
   Lima                        265C2
   Owyhee                      247C3
   Silver Springs               273C
            NEW HAMPSHIRE
   Enfield                      282A
   Groveton                     268A
              NEW JERSEY
              NEW MEXICO
   Animas                      279C1
   Roswell                     237C0
   Tohatchi                    268C2
   Virden                      228C1
               NEW YORK
   Amherst                     *221A
   Keeseville                   231A
   Rhinebeck                   *273A
   Rosendale                    255A
   Sagaponack                   233A
   Shelter Island               277A
   Westfield                    265A
            NORTH CAROLINA
   Dillsboro                   *237A
             NORTH DAKOTA
   Arnett                      285C2
   Clayton                      262A
   Cordell                     *229A
   Hennessey                    249A
   Millerton                   265C2
   Vici                         249A
   Waukomie                     292A
   Wright City                  295A
   Altamont                    235C1
   Arlington                   295C2
   Boardman                    231C3
   Dallas                     *252C3
   Manzanita                   248C3
   Merrill                      289A
   Moro                        283C2
   Powers                      293C2
   Prineville                  267C1
   Waldport                    229C2
   Liberty                     *298A
             RHODE ISLAND
            SOUTH CAROLINA
             SOUTH DAKOTA

   Englewood                   250A
   Annona                       263A
   Asherton                     284A
   Aspermont                   226C2
   Austwell                     290A
   Balmorhea                    283C
   Batesville                   250A
   Big Spring                  265C3
   Bogata                       247A
   Bruni                        293A
   Canadian                    235C1
   Carbon                       238A
   Carrizo Springs              295A
   Centerville                  274A
   Christine                   245C3
   Cotulla                      264A
   Crosbyton                   264C3
   Cuney                        259A
   Dickens                240A, 294A
   Early                        294A
   Eden                         294A
   El Indio                     236A
   Encinal                259A, 286A
   Encino                       250A
   Estelline                   263C3
   Fort Stockton                263C
   Garwood                      247A
   George West                  292A
   Goldwaithe                   297A
   Goree                        275A
   Groom                        223A
   Guthrie                      252A
   Hale Center                 236C1
   Harper                      256C3
   Hawley                       269A
   Hebbronville                 282A
   Hico                         293A
   Iraan                       269C2
   Jacksonville                 236A
   Jayton                      231C2
   Junction              277C3, 297A
   Knox City                    293A
   Leakey           257A, 275A, 299A
   Llano                       242C3
   Lockney                     271C3
   Lometa                       253A
   Longview                    300C2
   Lovelady                     288A
   Marathon                     278C
   Mason                       281C2
   Matador              221C2, 227C3
   Matagorda                    291A
   McCamey                     233C3
   McLean                      267C3
   Memphis                283A, 292A
   Menard                242A, 265C2
   Meyersville                  261A
   Midway                       251A
   Milano                       274A
   Moody                        256A
   Moran                        281A
   Mount Enterprise             279A
   Muleshoe                    227C1
   Munday                      270C1
   Newcastle                    263A
   O'Donnell                    249A
   Oakwood                      233A
   Paducah                     234C3
   Paint Rock                  296C3
   Palacios                     264A
   Pearsall                     277A
   Port Isabel                  288A
   Premont                     264C3
   Presidio                    292C1
   Quanah                      251C3
   Richland Springs       235A, 299A
   Rising Star                 290C3
   Roaring Springs       227A, 249C3
   Roby                         249A
   Rocksprings                  291A
   Roma                         278A
   Rule                         253A
   Sanderson            274C1, 286C2
   Seymour                     222C2
   Sheffield                  224C2
   Silverton                   221A
   Smiley                      280A
   Spur                       260C3
   Teague                     237C3
   Turkey               244C2, 269A
   Van Alstyne                *260A
   Wells                       254A
   Zapata                       292A
   Milford                      288C
   Toquerville                  281C
   Chincoteague                 233A
   Coupeville                  266A
   Dayton                       272A
   Oak Harbor           *233A, 277A
   Raymond                      300A
   Trout Lake                   236A
            WEST VIRGINIA
   Ashland                    *275A
   Crandon                     276A
   Hayward                   *232C2
   Laona                      272C3
   New Holstein                225A
   Tomahawk                   265C3
   Baggs                       277A
   Bairoil                     235A
   Dubois                      242C2
   Jackson                    *294C2
   Marbleton                   257C1
   Meeteetse                   259C
             PUERTO RICO
   Charlotte Amalie             237B

   (Sec. 316, 66 Stat. 717; 47 U.S.C. 316; sec. 5, 48 Stat., as amended,
   1068; 47 U.S.C. 154, 155; secs. 2, 3, 4, 301, 303, 307, 308, 309, 315,
   317, 48 Stat. as amended, 1064, 1065, 1066, 1081, 1082, 1083, 1084,
   1085, 1088, 1089; (47 U.S.C. 152, 153, 301, 303, 307, 308, 309, 315,
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   Stat. as amended; 1070, 1071, 1072, 1073, 1076, 1077, 1087, 1094, 1098,
   1102 (47 U.S.C. 151, 201-205, 208, 215, 218, 313, 314, 403, 404, 410,

   [ 30 FR 12711 , Oct. 6, 1965]

   Editorial Notes: 1. For Federal Register citations affecting § 73.202,
   see the List of CFR Sections Affected, which appears in the Finding
   Aids section of the printed volume and at

   2. At  77 FR 50053 , Aug. 20, 2012, § 73.202(b), the Table of FM
   Allotments under California, was amended; however, the amendment could
   not be incorporated due to inaccurate amendatory instruction.

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