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FCC 25.283
Revised as of October 1, 2016
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  § 25.283   End-of-life disposal.

   (a) Geostationary orbit space stations. Unless otherwise explicitly
   specified in an authorization, a space station authorized to operate in
   the geostationary satellite orbit under this part shall be relocated,
   at the end of its useful life, barring catastrophic failure of
   satellite components, to an orbit with a perigee with an altitude of no
   less than:

   36,021 km + (1000·CR·A/m)

   where CR is the solar radiation pressure coefficient of the spacecraft,
   and A/m is the Area to mass ratio, in square meters per kilogram, of
   the spacecraft.

   (b) A space station authorized to operate in the geostationary
   satellite orbit under this part may operate using its authorized
   tracking, telemetry and control frequencies, and outside of its
   assigned orbital location, for the purpose of removing the satellite
   from the geostationary satellite orbit at the end of its useful life,
   provided that the conditions of paragraph (a) of this section are met,
   and on the condition that the space station's tracking, telemetry and
   control transmissions are planned so as to avoid electrical
   interference to other space stations, and coordinated with any
   potentially affected satellite networks.

   (c) All space stations. Upon completion of any relocation authorized by
   paragraph (b) of this section, or any relocation at end-of-life
   specified in an authorization, or upon a spacecraft otherwise
   completing its authorized mission, a space station licensee shall
   ensure, unless prevented by technical failures beyond its control, that
   stored energy sources on board the satellite are discharged, by venting
   excess propellant, discharging batteries, relieving pressure vessels,
   or other appropriate measures.

   (d) The minimum perigee requirement of paragraph (a) of this section
   shall not apply to space stations launched prior to March 18, 2002.

   [ 69 FR 54588 , Sept. 9, 2004, as amended at  78 FR 8431 , Feb. 6, 2013;  81 FR 55349 , Aug. 18, 2016]

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