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FCC 90.609
Revised as of September 29, 2014
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§ 90.609   Special limitations on amendment of applications for assignment or
transfer of authorizations for radio systems above 800 MHz.

   (a) [Reserved]

   (b) A license to operate a conventional or trunked radio system may not
   be assigned or transferred prior to the completion of construction of
   the facility. However, the Commission may give its consent to the
   assignment or transfer of control of such a license prior to the
   completion of construction where:

   (1) The assignment or transfer does not involve a substantial change in
   ownership or control of the authorized radio facilities; or,

   (2) The assignment or transfer is involuntary due to the licensee's
   insolvency, bankruptcy, incapacity, or death.

   (c) Licensees of constructed systems in any category are permitted to
   make partial assignments of an authorized grant to an applicant
   proposing to create a new system or to an existing licensee that has
   loaded its system to 70 mobiles per channel and is expanding that
   system. An applicant authorized to expand an existing system or to
   create a new system with frequencies from any category obtained through
   partial assignment will receive the assignor's existing license
   expiration date and loading deadline for the frequencies that are
   assigned. A licensee that makes a partial assignment of a station's
   frequencies will not be authorized to obtain additional frequencies for
   that station for a period of one year from the date of the partial

   (d) A constructed system originally licensed in the General Category
   that is authorized to operate in the conventional mode may be combined
   with an existing SMR system above 800 MHz authorized to operate in the
   trunked mode by assignment of an authorized grant of the General
   Category station to the SMR station.

   [ 47 FR 41032 , Sept. 16, 1982, as amended at  55 FR 28029 , July 9, 1990;
    58 FR 44962 , Aug. 25, 1993;  61 FR 6155 , Feb. 16, 1996;  63 FR 68967 ,
   Dec. 14, 1998;  69 FR 67838 , Nov. 22, 2004]

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Policies Governing the Processing of Applications and the Selection and
Assignment of Frequencies for Use in the 806-824 MHz, 851-869 MHz, 896-901
MHz, and 935-940 MHz Bands

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