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FCC 90.371
Revised as of September 29, 2014
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§ 90.371   Dedicated short range communications service.

   (a) These provisions pertain to systems in the 5850-5925 MHz band for
   Dedicated Short-Range Communications Service (DSRCS). DSRCS systems use
   radio techniques to transfer data over short distances between roadside
   and mobile units, between mobile units, and between portable and mobile
   units to perform operations related to the improvement of traffic flow,
   traffic safety, and other intelligent transportation service
   applications in a variety of environments. DSRCS systems may also
   transmit status and instructional messages related to the units
   involved. DSRCS Roadside Units are authorized under this part. DSRCS
   On-Board Units are authorized under part 95 of this chapter.

   (b) DSRCS Roadside Units (RSUs) operating in the band 5850-5925 MHz
   shall not receive protection from Government Radiolocation services in
   operation prior to the establishment of the DSRCS station. Operation of
   DSRCS RSU stations within 75 kilometers of the locations listed in the
   table below must be coordinated through the National Telecommunications
   and Information Administration.
                       Location                      Latitude Longitude
   Ft. Lewis, WA                                     470525N  1223510W
   Yakima Firing Center, WA                          464018N  1202135W
   Ft. Carson, CO                                    383810N  1044750W
   Ft. Riley, KS                                     385813N  0965139W
   Ft. Shafter, HI                                   211800N  1574900W
   Hunter Army Airfield, GA                          320100N  0810800W
   Ft. Gillem, GA                                    333600N  0841900W
   Ft. Benning, GA                                   322130N  0845815W
   Ft. Stewart, GA                                   315145N  0813655W
   Ft. Rucker, AL                                    311947N  0854255W
   Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ                          330114N  1141855W
   Ft. Hood, TX                                      310830N  0974550W
   Ft. Knox, KY                                      375350N  0855655W
   Ft. Bragg, NC                                     350805N  0790035W
   Ft. Campbell, KY                                  363950N  0872820W
   Ft. Polk, LA                                      310343N  0931226W
   Ft. Leonard Wood, MO                              374430N  0920737W
   Ft. Irwin, CA                                     351536N  1164102W
   Ft. Sill, OK                                      344024N  0982352W
   Ft. Bliss, TX                                     314850N  1062533W
   Ft. Leavenworth, KS                               392115N  0945500W
   Ft. Drum, NY                                      440115N  0754844W
   Ft. Gordon, GA                                    332510N  0820910W
   Ft. McCoy, WI                                     440636N  0904127W
   Ft. Dix, NJ                                       400025N  0743713W
   Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, CA            374254N  1214218W
   Ft. Hunter Ligget, CA                             355756N  1211404W
   Pacific Missile Test Center, CA                   340914N  1190524W
   Naval Air Development Center, PA                  401200N  0750500W
   Mid-Atlantic Area Frequency Coordinator, MD       381710N  0762500W
   Naval Research Laboratory, MD                     383927N  0763143W
   Naval Ocean Systems Center, CA                    324500N  1171000W
   Naval Research Laboratory, DC                     385500N  0770000W
   Naval Surface Weapons Center, MD                  390205N  0765900W
   Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Activity, MD 381000N  0762300W
   Midway Research Center, VA                        382640N  0772650W
   Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD                       392825N  0760655W
   Ft. Huachuca, AZ                                  313500N  1102000W
   Ft. Monmouth, NJ                                  401900N  0740215W
   Picatinny Arsenal, NJ                             405600N  0743400W
   Redstone Arsenal, AL                              343630N  0863610W
   White Sands Missile Range, NM                     322246N  1062813W
   Army Research Laboratory, MD                      390000N  0765800W
   Space and Missile Systems Center, CA              335500N  1182200W
   Edwards AFB, CA                                   345400N  1175200W
   Patrick AFB, FL                                   281331N  0803607W
   Eglin AFB, FL                                     302900N  0863200W
   Holloman AFB, NM                                  322510N  1060601W
   Kirtland AFB, NM                                  350230N  1063624W
   Griffiss AFB, NY                                  431315N  0752431W
   Wright-Patterson AFB, OH                          394656N  0840539W
   Hanscom AFB, MA                                   422816N  0711725W
   Nellis AFB, NV                                    361410N  1150245W
   Vandenberg AFB, CA                                344348N  1203436W
   U.S. Air Force Academy, CO                        385800N  1044900W
   Brooks AFB, TX                                    292000N  0982600W
   Arnold AFB, TN                                    352250N  0860202W
   Tyndall AFB, FL                                   300412N  0853436W
   Charles E. Kelly Support Facility--Oakdale, PA    402357N  0800925W

   (c) NTIA may authorize additional Government Radiolocation services.
   Once a new Federal assignment is made, the Commission's Universal
   Licensing System database will be updated, accordingly, to protect the
   new Federal assignment and the list in paragraph (b) of this section
   will be updated as soon as practicable.

   [ 64 FR 66410 , Nov. 26, 1999, as amended at  69 FR 46443 , Aug. 3, 2004]

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