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FCC 90.303
Revised as of September 29, 2014
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§ 90.303   Availability of frequencies.

   (a) Frequencies in the band 470-512 MHz are available for assignment as
   described below. Note: coordinates are referenced to the North American
   Datum 1983 (NAD83).

   (b) The following table lists frequency bands that are available for
   assignment in specific urban areas. The available frequencies are
   listed in § 90.311 of this part.
   Urbanized area Geographic center Bands (MHz) TV channels
   North latitude West longitude
   Boston, MA 42DEG21'24.4'' 71DEG03'23.2'' 470-476, 482-488 14, 16
   Chicago, IL^1 41DEG52'28.1'' 87DEG38'22.2'' 470-476, 476-482 14, 15
   Cleveland, OH^2 41DEG29'51.2'' 81DEG49'49.5'' 470-476, 476-482 14, 15
   Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 32DEG47'09.5'' 96DEG47'38.0'' 482-488 16
   Detroit, MI^3 42DEG19'48.1'' 83DEG02'56.7'' 476-482, 482-488 15, 16
   Houston, TX 29DEG45'26.8'' 95DEG21'37.8'' 488-494 17
   Los Angeles, CA^4 34DEG03'15.0'' 118DEG14'31.3'' 470-476, 482-488,
   506-512 14, 16, 20
   Miami, FL 25DEG46'38.4'' 80DEG11'31.2'' 470-476 14
   New York, NY/NE NJ 40DEG45'06.4'' 73DEG59'37.5'' 470-476, 476-482,
   482-488 14, 15, 16
   Philadelphia, PA 39DEG56'58.4'' 75DEG09'19.6'' 500-506, 506-512 19, 20
   Pittsburgh, PA 40DEG26'19.2'' 79DEG59'59.2'' 470-476, 494-500 14, 18
   San Francisco/Oakland, CA 37DEG46'38.7'' 122DEG24'43.9'' 482-488,
   488-494 16, 17
   Washington, DC/MD/VA 38DEG53'51.4'' 77DEG00'31.9'' 488-494, 494-500 17,

   ^1In the Chicago, IL, urbanized area, channel 15 frequencies may be
   used for paging operations in addition to low power base/mobile usages,
   where applicable protection requirements for ultrahigh frequency
   television stations are met.

   ^2Channels 14 and 15 are not available in Cleveland, OH, until further
   order from the Commission.

   ^3Channels 15 and 16 are not available in Detroit, MI, until further
   order from the Commission.

   ^4Channel 16 is available in Los Angeles, CA, for use by eligibles in
   the Public Safety Radio Pool.

   (c) The band 482-488 MHz (TV Channel 16) is available for use by
   eligibles in the Public Safety Radio Pool in the following areas: New
   York City; Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties in New York State;
   and Bergen County, New Jersey. All part 90 rules shall apply to said
   operations, except that:

   (1) Location of stations. Base stations shall be located in the areas
   specified in this paragraph (c). Mobile stations may operate throughout
   the areas specified in this paragraph (c) and may additionally operate
   in areas not specified in this paragraph (c) provided that the distance
   from the Empire State Building (40DEG 44' 54.4'' N, 73DEG 59' 8.4'' W)
   does not exceed 48 kilometers (30 miles).

   (2) Protection criteria. In order to provide co-channel television
   protection, the following height and power restrictions are required:

   (i) Except as specified in paragraph (c)(2)(ii) of this section, base
   stations shall be limited to a maximum effective radiated power (ERP)
   of 225 watts at an antenna height of 152.5 meters (500 feet) above
   average terrain (AAT). Adjustment of the permitted power will be
   allowed provided it is in accordance with the "169 kilometer Distance
   Separation" entries specified in Table B in 47 CFR 90.309(a) or the
   "LM/TV Separation 110 miles (177 km)" curve in Figure B in 47 CFR

   (ii) For base stations located west of the Hudson River, Kill Van Kull,
   and Arthur Kill, the maximum ERP and antenna height shall be limited to
   the entries specified in Table B in 47 CFR 90.309(a) or in Figure B in
   47 CFR 90.309(b) for the actual separation distance between the base
   station and the transmitter site of WNEP-TV in Scranton, PA (41DEG 10'
   58.0'' N, 75DEG 52' 20.0'' W).

   (iii) Mobile stations shall be limited to 100 watts ERP in areas of
   operation extending eastward from the Hudson River and to 10 watts ERP
   in areas of operation extending westward from the Hudson River.

   [ 69 FR 31907 , June 8, 2004, as amended  72 FR 35196 , June 27, 2007]

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