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FCC 90.212
Revised as of September 29, 2014
Goto Year:2013 | 2015
§ 90.212   Provisions relating to the use of scrambling devices and digital
voice modulation.

   (a) Analog scrambling techniques may be employed at any station
   authorized the use of A3E, F3E, or G3E emission, subject to the
   provision of paragraph (d) of this section.

   (b) The use of digital scrambling techniques or digital voice
   modulation requires the specific authorization of F1E or G1E emission,
   and these emissions will only be authorized subject to the provisions
   of paragraph (d) of this section.

   (c) The transmission of any non-voice information or data under the
   authorization of F1E or G1E emission is prohibited. However, stations
   authorized the use of F1E or G1E emission may also be authorized F1D,
   F2D, G1D or G2D emission for non-voice communication purposes, pursuant
   to § 90.207(l).

   (d) Station identification shall be transmitted in the unscrambled
   analog mode (clear voice) or Morse code in accordance with the
   provisions of § 90.425. All digital encoding and digital modulation
   shall be disabled during station identification.

   [ 43 FR 54791 , Nov. 22, 1978, as amended at  47 FR 15340 , Apr. 9, 1982;
    49 FR 48711 , Dec. 14, 1984;  72 FR 35195 , June 27, 2007]

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