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FCC 87.147
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 87.147   Authorization of equipment.

   (a) Certification may be requested by following the procedures in part
   2 of this chapter. Aircraft transmitters must meet the requirements
   over an ambient temperature range of -20 degrees to +50 degrees

   (b) ELTs manufactured after October 1, 1988, must meet the output power
   characteristics contained in § 87.141(i) when tested in accordance with
   the Signal Enhancement Test contained in subpart N, part 2 of this
   chapter. A report of the measurements must be submitted with each
   application for certification. ELTs that meet the output power
   characteristics of the section must have a permanent label prominently
   displayed on the outer casing state, "Meets FCC Rule for improved
   satellite detection." This label, however, must not be placed on the
   equipment without authorization to do so by the Commission. Application
   for such authorization may be made either by submission of a new
   application for certification accompanied by the required fee and all
   information and test data required by parts 2 and 87 of this chapter
   or, for ELTs approved prior to October 1, 1988, a letter requesting
   such authorization, including appropriate test data and a showing that
   all units produced under the original equipment authorization comply
   with the requirements of this paragraph without change to the original

   (c) An applicant for a station license may request certification for an
   individual transmitter by following the procedure in part 2 of this
   chapter. Such a transmitter will be individually certified and so noted
   on the station license.

   (d) An applicant for certification of equipment intended for
   transmission in any of the frequency bands listed in paragraph (d)(3)
   of this section must notify the FAA of the filing of a certification
   application. The letter of notification must be mailed to: FAA, Office
   of Spectrum Policy and Management, ASR-1, 800 Independence Ave., SW.,
   Washington, DC 20591 prior to the filing of the application with the

   (1) The notification must describe the equipment, give the
   manufacturer's identification, antenna characteristics, rated output
   power, emission type and characteristics, the frequency or frequencies
   of operation, and essential receiver characteristics if protection is

   (2) The certification application must include a copy of the
   notification letter to the FAA. The Commission will not act until it
   receives the FAA's determination regarding whether it objects to the
   application for equipment authorization. The FAA should mail its
   determination to: Office of Engineering and Technology Laboratory,
   Authorization and Evaluation Division, 7435 Oakland Mills Rd.,
   Columbia, MD 21046. The Commission will consider the FAA determination
   before taking final action on the application.

   (3) The frequency bands are as follows:

   90-110 kHz

   190-285 kHz

   325-435 kHz

   74.800 MHz to 75.200 MHz

   108.000 MHz to 137.000 MHz

   328.600 MHz to 335.400 MHz

   960.000 MHz to 1215.000 MHz

   1545.000 MHz to 1626.500 MHz

   1646.500 MHz to 1660.500 MHz

   5000.000 MHz to 5250.000 MHz

   14.000 GHz to 14.400 GHz

   15.400 GHz to 15.700 GHz

   24.250 GHz to 25.250 GHz

   31.800 GHz to 33.400 GHz

   (e) Verification reports for ELTs capable of operating on the frequency
   406.0-406.1 MHz must include sufficient documentation to show that the
   ELT meets the requirements of § 87.199(a). A letter notifying the FAA
   of the ELT verification must be mailed to: FAA, Office of Spectrum
   Policy and Management, ASR-1, 800 Independence Avenue SW., Washington,
   DC 20591.

   (f) Certification may be requested for equipment that has the
   capability to transmit in the 138-144 MHz, 148-149.9 MHz, or
   150.5-150.8 MHz bands as well as frequency bands set forth in § 87.173.
   The Commission will only certify this equipment for use in the bands
   regulated by this part.

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