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FCC 87.109
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 87.109   Station logs.

   (a) A station at a fixed location in the international aeronautical
   mobile service must maintain a log in accordance with Annex 10 of the
   ICAO Convention.

   (b) A station log must contain the following information:

   (1) The name of the agency operating the station.

   (2) The identification of the station.

   (3) The date.

   (4) The time of opening and closing the station.

   (5) The frequencies being guarded and the type of watch (continuous or
   scheduled) being maintained on each frequency.

   (6) Except at intermediate mechanical relay stations where the
   provisions of this paragraph need not be complied with, a record of
   each communication showing text of communication, time communications
   completed, station(s) communicated with, and frequency used.

   (7) All distress communications and action thereon.

   (8) A brief description of communications conditions and difficulties,
   including harmful interference. Such entries should include, whenever
   practicable, the time at which interference was experienced, the
   character, radio frequency and identification of the interfering

   (9) A brief description of interruption to communications due to
   equipment failure or other troubles, giving the duration of the
   interruption and action taken.

   (10) Such additional information as may be considered by the operator
   to be of value as part of the record of the stations operations.

   (c) Stations maintaining written logs must also enter the signature of
   each operator, with the time the operator assumes and relinquishes a

   [ 69 FR 32879 , June 14, 2004]

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