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FCC 80.387
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 80.387   Frequencies for Alaska fixed stations.

   (a) The carrier frequencies listed in (b) of this section are
   assignable for point-to-point simplex radiotelephone communications
   between private fixed stations in Alaska. The frequency pairs listed in
   paragraph (d) of this section are assignable for point-to-point duplex
   radiotelephone communications between private and public fixed stations
   in Alaska. Fixed stations in Alaska authorized to share carrier
   frequencies with the maritime mobile service must always give priority
   on such frequencies to maritime distress, urgency and safety

   (b) Alaska private-fixed station frequencies:

   Carrier Frequencies (kHz)
   1643.0^4   2430.0         2773.0
   1646.0^4   2447.0         3164.5
   1649.0^4   2450.0         3183.0
   1652.0^4   2463.0         3196.0
   1657.0^4   2466.0         3201.0
   1660.0^1 4 2471.0         3258.0
   1705.0^4   2479.0         3261.0
   1709.0     2482.0         3303.0
   1712.0     2506.0         3365.0
   2003.0     2509.0         4035.0
   2006.0     2512.0         5164.5
   2115.0     2535.0       ^35167.5
   2118.0     2538.0         5204.5
   2253.0     2563.0       ^26948.5
   2400.0     2566.0       ^27368.5
   2419.0     2601.0         8067.0
   2422.0     2616.0         8070.0
   2427.0     2691.0      ^211437.0
                        ^2 511601.5

   ^1Use of 1660.0 kHz must be coordinated to protect radiolocation on
   adjacent channels.

   ^2Peak envelope power must not exceed 1 kW for radiotelephony.
   Teleprinter use is authorized.

   ^3The frequency 5167.5 kHz is available for emergency communications in
   Alaska. Peak envelope power of stations operating on this frequency
   must not exceed 150 watts. When a station in Alaska is authorized to
   use 5167.5 kHz, such station may also use this frequency for calling
   and listening for the purpose of establishing communications.

   ^4Use of these frequencies is on a secondary basis to Region 2

   ^5After April 1, 2007, use of the frequency 11601.5 kHz shall be on the
   condition that harmful interference is not caused to HF broadcasting.

   (c) Use of the frequencies in paragraph (b) of this section must meet
   the following conditions:

   (1) Communications between private coast and private fixed stations are
   prohibited; and

   (2) Station licensees must not charge for third party communication
   services between their station and any other private fixed station.

   (d) The following carrier frequency pairs are assignable for
   point-to-point communications between public fixed and private fixed
   Public fixed station frequencies (kHz) Private fixed Station
   frequencies (kHz)
   ^12312.0 2632.0
   2604.0 2256.0
   2781.0 ^32474.0
   2784.0 2694.0
   3167.5 3354.0
   3180.0 2776.0
   3241.0 3357.0
   3362.0 3238.0
   ^24791.5 5207.5
   5370.0 ^45134.5,^45137.5

   ^1This frequency is assignable on a primary basis to public coast
   stations and on a secondary basis to public fixed stations.

   ^2Teleprinter use is authorized.

   ^3Peak envelope power must not exceed 1 kW.

   ^4Licensees must cease all communications on 5134.5 kHz and 5137.5 kHz
   when notified by the State of Alaska of an emergency or disaster.
   Licensees may resume communication on these frequencies when notified
   by the State of Alaska that the disaster or harmful interference has

   (e) The public fixed station frequencies are assignable to common

   (f) The private fixed station frequencies described in paragraph (d) of
   this section are assignable to private entities located in areas where
   common carrier facilities are not available. Private fixed stations
   operating on the frequencies in paragraph (d) of this section, must
   communicate with public fixed stations only. Private fixed stations are
   permitted to provide third party communications between their station
   and the public fixed stations. A charge for such service is prohibited.

   (g) U.S. Government frequencies will be authorized if the Commission
   determines that the assignment is in the public interest.

   [ 51 FR 31213 , Sept. 2, 1986, as amended at  52 FR 35245 , Sept. 18, 1987;
    56 FR 34030 , July 25, 1991;  68 FR 25540 , May 13, 2003]

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