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FCC 76.1622
Revised as of October 1, 2014
Goto Year:2013 | 2015
§ 76.1622   Consumer education program on compatibility.

   Cable system operators shall provide a consumer education program on
   compatibility matters to their subscribers in writing, as follows:

   (a) The consumer information program shall be provided to subscribers
   at the time they first subscribe and at least once a year thereafter.
   Cable operators may choose the time and means by which they comply with
   the annual consumer information requirement. This requirement may be
   satisfied by a once-a-year mailing to all subscribers. The information
   may be included in one of the cable system's regular subscriber

   (b) The consumer information program shall include the following

   (1) Cable system operators shall inform their subscribers that some
   models of TV receivers and videocassette recorders may not be able to
   receive all of the channels offered by the cable system when connected
   directly to the cable system. In conjunction with this information,
   cable system operators shall briefly explain, the types of channel
   compatibility problems that could occur if subscribers connected their
   equipment directly to the cable system and offer suggestions for
   resolving those problems. Such suggestions could include, for example,
   the use of a cable system terminal device such as a set-top channel
   converter. Cable system operators shall also indicate that channel
   compatibility problems associated with reception of programming that is
   not scrambled or encrypted programming could be resolved through use of
   simple converter devices without descrambling or decryption
   capabilities that can be obtained from either the cable system or a
   third party retail vendor.

   (2) In cases where service is received through a cable system terminal
   device, cable system operators shall indicate that subscribers may not
   be able to use special features and functions of their TV receivers and
   videocassette recorders, including features that allow the subscriber
   to: view a program on one channel while simultaneously recording a
   program on another channel; record two or more consecutive programs
   that appear on different channels; and, use advanced picture generation
   and display features such as "Picture-in-Picture," channel review and
   other functions that necessitate channel selection by the consumer

   (3) In cases where cable system operators offer remote control
   capability with cable system terminal devices and other customer
   premises equipment that is provided to subscribers, they shall advise
   their subscribers that remote control units that are compatible with
   that equipment may be obtained from other sources, such as retail
   outlets. Cable system operators shall also provide a representative
   list of the models of remote control units currently available from
   retailers that are compatible with the customer premises equipment they
   employ. Cable system operators are required to make a good faith effort
   in compiling this list and will not be liable for inadvertent
   omissions. This list shall be current as of no more than six months
   before the date the consumer education program is distributed to
   subscribers. Cable operators are also required to encourage subscribers
   to contact the cable operator to inquire about whether a particular
   remote control unit the subscriber might be considering for purchase
   would be compatible with the subscriber's customer premises equipment.

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