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FCC 74.702
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 74.702   Channel assignments.

   (a) An applicant for a new low power TV or TV translator station or for
   changes in the facilities of an authorized station shall endeavor to
   select a channel on which its operation is not likely to cause
   interference. The applications must be specific with regard to the
   channel requested. Only one channel will be assigned to each station.

   (1) Any one of the 12 standard VHF Channels (2 to 13 inclusive) may be
   assigned to a VHF low power TV or TV translator station. Channels 5 and
   6 assigned in Alaska shall not cause harmful interference to and must
   accept interference from non-Government fixed operation authorized
   prior to January 1, 1982.

   (2) Any one of the UHF Channels from 14 to 69, inclusive, may be
   assigned to a UHF low power TV or TV translator station. In accordance
   with § 73.603(c) of part 73, Channel 37 will not be assigned to such

   (3) Application for new low power TV or TV translator stations or for
   changes in existing stations, specifying operation above 806 MHz will
   not be accepted for filing. License renewals for existing TV translator
   stations operating on channels 70 (806-812 MHz) through 83 (884-890
   MHz) will be granted only on a secondary basis to land mobile radio

   (b) Changes in the TV Table of Allotments or Digital Television Table
   of Allotments (§ § 73.606(b) and 73.622(a), respectively, of part 73 of
   this chapter), authorizations to construct new TV broadcast analog or
   DTV stations or to authorizations to change facilities of existing such
   stations, may be made without regard to existing or proposed low power
   TV or TV translator stations. Where such a change results in a low
   power TV or TV translator station causing actual interference to
   reception of the TV broadcast analog or DTV station, the licensee or
   permittee of the low power TV or TV translator station shall eliminate
   the interference or file an application for a change in channel
   assignment pursuant to § 73.3572 of this chapter.

   (c) A television broadcast booster station will be authorized on the
   channel assigned to its primary station.

   [ 47 FR 21497 , May 18, 1982, as amended at  47 FR 30068 , July 12, 1982;
    47 FR 35590 , Aug. 18, 1982;  52 FR 7423 , Mar. 11, 1987;  52 FR 31403 ,
   Aug. 20, 1987;  62 FR 26721 , May 14, 1997]

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