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FCC 73.3542
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 73.3542   Application for emergency authorization.

   (a) Authority may be granted, on a temporary basis, in extraordinary
   circumstances requiring emergency operation to serve the public
   interest. such situations include: emergencies involving danger to life
   and property; a national emergency proclaimed by the President or the
   Congress of the U.S.A and; the continuance of any war in which the
   United States is engaged, and where such action is necessary for the
   national defense or security or otherwise in furtherance of the war

   (1) An informal application may be used. The FCC may grant such
   construction permits, station licenses, modifications or renewals
   thereof, without the filing of a formal application.

   (2) No authorization so granted shall continue to be effective beyond
   the period of the emergency or war requiring it.

   (3) Each individual request submitted under the provisions of this
   paragraph shall contain, as a minimum requirement, the following

   (i) Name and address of applicant.

   (ii) Location of proposed installation or operation.

   (iii) Official call letters of any valid station authorization already
   held by applicant and the station location.

   (iv) Type of service desired (not required for renewal or modification
   unless class of station is to be modified).

   (v) Frequency assignment, authorized transmitter power(s), authorized
   class(es) of emission desired (not required for renewal; required for
   modification only to the extent such information may be involved).

   (vi) Equipment to be used, specifying the manufacturer and type or
   model number (not required for renewal; required for modification only
   to the extent such information may be involved).

   (vii) Statements to the extent necessary for the FCC to determine
   whether or not the granting of the desired authorization will be in
   accordance with the citizenship eligibility requirements of section 310
   of the Cummunications Act.

   (viii) Statement of facts which, in the opinion of the applicant,
   constitute an emergency to be found by the FCC for the purpose of this
   section. This statement must also include the estimated duration of the
   emergency and if during an emergency or war declared by the President
   or Congress, why such action, without formal application, is necessary
   for the national defense or security or in furtherance of the war

   (b) Emergency operating authority issued under this section may be
   cancelled or modified by the FCC without prior notice or right to
   hearing. See also § 73.1250, Broadcasting Emergency Information, for
   situations in which emergency operation may be conducted without prior
   authorization, and § 73.1635, Special Temporary Authorization (STA),
   for temporary operating authorizations necessitated by circumstances
   not within the ambit of this section.

   [ 50 FR 30948 , July 31, 1985, as amended at  63 FR 33878 , June 22, 1998]

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