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FCC 73.1680
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 73.1680   Emergency antennas.

   (a) An emergency antenna is one that is erected for temporary use after
   the authorized main and auxiliary antennas are damaged and cannot be

   (b) Prior authority from the FCC is not required by licensees and
   permittees to erect and commence operations using an emergency antenna
   to restore program service to the public. However, an informal letter
   request to continue operation with the emergency antenna must be made
   within 24 hours to the FCC in Washington, DC, Attention: Audio Division
   (radio) or Video Division (television), Media Bureau, within 24 hours
   after commencement of its use. The request is to include a description
   of the damage to the authorized antenna, a description of the emergency
   antenna, and the station operating power with the emergency antenna.

   (1) AM stations. AM stations may use a horizontal or vertical wire or a
   nondirectional vertical element of a directional antenna as an
   emergency antenna. AM stations using an emergency nondirectional
   antenna or a horizontal or vertical wire pursuant to this section, in
   lieu or authorized directional facilities, shall operate with power
   reduced to 25% or less of the nominal licensed power, or, a higher
   power, not exceeding licensed power, while insuring that the radiated
   filed strength does not exceed that authorized in any given azimuth for
   the corresponding hours of directional operation.

   (2) FM, TV and Class A TV stations. FM, TV and Class A TV stations may
   erect any suitable radiator, or use operable sections of the authorized
   antenna(s) as an emergency antenna.

   (c) The FCC may prescribe the output power, radiation limits, or other
   operating conditions when using an emergency antenna, and emergency
   antenna authorizations may be modified or terminated in the event
   harmful interference is caused to other stations or services by the use
   of an emergency antenna.

   [ 43 FR 53741 , Nov. 17, 1978, as amended at  44 FR 22740 , Apr. 17, 1979;
    50 FR 30948 , July 31, 1985;  63 FR 33878 , June 22, 1998;  65 FR 30005 ,
   May 10, 2000;  67 FR 13232 , Mar. 21, 2002]

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