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FCC 64.709
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 64.709   Informational tariffs.

   (a) Informational tariffs filed pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 226(h)(1)(A)
   shall contain specific rates expressed in dollars and cents for each
   interstate operator service of the carrier and shall also contain
   applicable per call aggregator surcharges or other per-call fees, if
   any, collected from consumers by, or on behalf of, the carrier.

   (b) Per call fees, if any, billed on behalf of aggregators or others,
   shall be specified in informational tariffs in dollars and cents.

   (c) In order to remove all doubt as to their proper application, all
   informational tariffs must contain clear and explicit explanatory
   statements regarding the rates, i.e., the tariffed price per unit of
   service, and the regulations governing the offering of service in that

   (d) Informational tariffs shall be accompanied by a cover letter,
   addressed to the Secretary of the Commission, explaining the purpose of
   the filing.

   (1) The original of the cover letter shall be submitted to the
   Secretary without attachments, along with FCC Form 159, and the
   appropriate fee to the address set forth in § 1.1105 of this chapter.

   (2) Carriers should file informational tariffs and associated
   documents, such as cover letters and attachments, electronically in
   accordance with § § 61.13 and 61.14 of this chapter.

   (e) Any changes to the tariff shall be submitted under a new cover
   letter with a complete copy of the tariff, including changes.

   (1) Changes to a tariff shall be explained in the cover letter but need
   not be symbolized on the tariff pages.

   (2) Revised tariffs shall be filled pursuant to the procedures
   specified in this section.

   [ 63 FR 11617 , Mar. 10, 1998;  63 FR 15316 , Mar. 31, 1998, as amended at
    67 FR 2820 , Jan. 22, 2002;  73 FR 9031 , Feb. 19, 2008;  76 FR 43217 , July
   20, 2011]

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