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FCC 63.505
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 63.505   Contents of applications for any type of discontinuance,
reduction, or impairment of telephone service not specifically provided for
in this part.

   The application shall contain:

   (a) The name and address of each applicant;

   (b) The name, title, and post office address of the officer to whom
   correspondence concerning the application is to be addressed;

   (c) Nature of proposed discontinuance, reduction, or impairment;

   (d) Identification of community or part of community involved and date
   on which applicant desires to make proposed discontinuance, reduction
   or impairment effective, if for a temporary period only, indicate the
   approximate period for which authorization is desired;

   (e) Proposed new tariff listing, if any, and difference, if any,
   between present charges to the public and charges for the service to be

   (f) Description of the service area affected including population and
   general character of business of the community;

   (g) Name of any other carrier or carriers providing telephone service
   to the community;

   (h) Statement of the reasons for proposed discontinuance, reduction, or

   (i) Statement of the factors showing that neither present nor future
   public convenience and necessity would be adversely affected by the
   granting of the application;

   (j) Description of any previous discontinuance, reduction, or
   impairment of service to the community affected by the application,
   which has been made by the applicant during the 12 months preceding
   filing of application, and statement of any present plans for future
   discontinuance, reduction, or impairment of service to such community;

   (k) Description of the service involved, including:

   (1) Existing telephone service by the applicant available to the
   community or part thereof involved;

   (2) Telephone service (available from applicant or others) which would
   remain in the community or part thereof involved in the event the
   application is granted;

   (l) A statement of the number of toll messages sent-paid and
   received-collect and the revenues from such traffic in connection with
   the service proposed to be discontinued, reduced, or impaired for each
   of the past 6 months; and, if the volume of such traffic handled in the
   area has decreased during recent years, the reasons therefor.

   [ 45 FR 6586 , Jan. 29, 1980]

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