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FCC 54.800
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 54.800   Terms and definitions.

   (a) Average Price Cap CMT Revenue Per Line Month in a Study Area has
   the same meaning as that term is defined in § 61.3(d) of this chapter,
   except that it includes exogenous changes in effect prior to the
   effective date of a calculation made pursuant to § 54.808 and exogenous
   changes not yet effective related to the sale or acquisition of
   exchanges, but excludes any other exogenous changes or other changes
   made pursuant to § 61.45(i)(4) of this chapter that are not yet

   (b) Base Period Lines. For purposes of calculations pursuant to this
   subpart, Base Period Lines are the number of lines for a given study
   area or zone as of the end of the quarter ending 6 months prior to the
   effective date of a calculation pursuant to § 54.808.

   (c) Interstate Access Universal Service Support Benchmark shall mean,
   for residential and single-line business lines, $7.00, and for
   multi-line business lines, $9.20.

   (d) Minimum Adjustment Amount (MAA) is defined in § 54.806(f).

   (e) MAA Phase In Percentage is:

   50% as of July 1, 2000,

   75% as of July 1, 2001,

   100% as of July 1, 2002.

   (f) Minimum Delta (MD) is defined in § 54.806(d).

   (g) Minimum Support Requirement (MSR) is defined in § 54.806(g).

   (h) Nationwide Total Above Benchmark Revenues is defined in
   § 54.806(b).

   (i) Price Cap Local Exchange Carrier is defined in § 61.3(aa) of this

   (j) Preliminary Minimum Access Universal Service Support for a Study
   Area is the amount calculated pursuant to § 54.804.

   (k) Preliminary Study Area Universal Service Support (PSAUSS) is
   defined in § 54.806(c).

   (l) Study Area Above Benchmark Revenues is the sum of all Zone Above
   Benchmark Revenues for all zones in the study area.

   (m) Study Area Access Universal Service Support (SAAUS) is defined in
   § 54.806 (i) and (j).

   (n) Total National Minimum Delta (TNMD) is the nationwide sum of all
   study area Minimum Deltas.

   (o) Total National Minimum Support Requirement (TNMSR) is the sum of
   the MSR for all price cap local exchange carrier area study areas.

   (p) Zone Above Benchmark Revenues is defined in § 54.805(a)(2).

   (q) Zone Average Revenue per Line. The amount calculated as follows:

   Zone Average Revenue Per Line = (25% * (Loop + Port)) + U (Uniform
   revenue per line adjustment)


   Loop = the price for unbundled loops in a UNE zone.

   Port = the price for switch ports in that UNE zone.

   U = [(Average Price Cap CMT Revenue per Line month in a study area *
   price cap local exchange carrier Base Period Lines) - (25% * S (price
   cap local exchange carrier Base Period Lines in a UNE Zone * ((Loop +
   Port) for all zones)))] + price cap local exchange carrier Base Period
   Lines in a study area.

   [ 65 FR 38690 , June 21, 2000;  65 FR 57739 , Sept. 26, 2000]

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