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FCC 52.101
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 52.101   General definitions.

   As used in this part:

   (a) Number Administration and Service Center ("NASC"). The entity that
   provides user support for the Service Management System database and
   administers the Service Management System database on a day-to-day

   (b) Responsible Organization ("RespOrg"). The entity chosen by a toll
   free subscriber to manage and administer the appropriate records in the
   toll free Service Management System for the toll free subscriber.

   (c) Service Control Points. The regional databases in the toll free

   (d) Service Management System Database ("SMS Database"). The
   administrative database system for toll free numbers. The Service
   Management System is a computer system that enables Responsible
   Organizations to enter and amend the data about toll free numbers
   within their control. The Service Management System shares this
   information with the Service Control Points. The entire system is the
   SMS database.

   (e) Toll Free Subscriber. The entity that requests a Responsible
   Organization to reserve a toll free number from the SMS database.

   (f) Toll Free Number. A telephone number for which the toll charges for
   completed calls are paid by the toll free subscriber. The toll free
   subscriber's specific geographic location has no bearing on what toll
   free number it can obtain from the SMS database.

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