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FCC 27.1203
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 27.1203   EBS programming requirements.

   (a) Except as provided in paragraphs (b), (c), and (d) of this section,
   BRS and EBS licensees are authorized to provide fixed or mobile
   service, except aeronautical mobile service, subject to the technical
   requirements of subparts C and M of this part.

   (b) Educational Broadband Service stations are intended primarily
   through video, data, or voice transmissions to further the educational
   mission of accredited public and private schools, colleges and
   universities providing a formal educational and cultural development to
   enrolled students. Authorized educational broadband channels must be
   used to further the educational mission of accredited schools offering
   formal educational courses to enrolled students.

   (c) In furtherance of the educational mission of accredited schools,
   Educational Broadband Service stations may be used for:

   (1) In-service training and instruction in special skills and safety
   programs, extension of professional training, informing persons and
   groups engaged in professional and technical activities of current
   developments in their particular fields, and other similar endeavors;

   (2) Transmission of material directly related to the administrative
   activities of the licensee, such as the holding of conferences with
   personnel, distribution of reports and assignments, exchange of data
   and statistics, and other similar uses.

   (d) Stations, including high-power EBS signal booster stations, may be
   licensed in the EBS as originating or relay stations to interconnect
   educational broadband fixed stations in adjacent areas, to deliver
   instructional and cultural material to, and obtain such material from,
   commercial and noncommercial educational television broadcast stations
   for use on the educational broadband system, and to deliver
   instructional and cultural material to, and obtain such material from,
   nearby terminals or connection points of closed circuit educational
   television systems employing wired distribution systems or radio
   facilities authorized under other parts of this chapter, or to deliver
   instructional and cultural material to any cable television system
   serving a receiving site or sites which would be eligible for direct
   reception of EBS signals under the provisions of § 27.1201.

   [ 69 FR 72034 , Dec. 10, 2004, as amended at  71 FR 35190 , June 19, 2006]

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