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FCC 15.603
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 15.603   Definitions.

   (a) Excluded Band: A band of frequencies within which Access BPL
   operations are not permitted.

   (b) Exclusion Zone: A geographical area within which Access BPL
   operations are not permitted in certain frequency bands.

   (c) Consultation. The process of communication between an entity
   operating Access BPL and a licensed public safety or other designated
   point of contact for the purpose of avoiding potential harmful

   (d) Consultation area: A designated geographical area within which
   consultation with public safety users or other designated point of
   contact is required before an Access BPL may be operated at designated

   (e) Low Voltage power line. A power line carrying low voltage, e.g.,
   240/120 volts from a distribution transformer to a customer's premises.

   (f) Medium Voltage power line. A power line carrying between 1,000 to
   40,000 volts from a power substation to neighborhoods. Medium voltage
   lines may be overhead or underground, depending on the power grid
   network topology.

   (g) Access BPL Database. A database operated by an industry-sponsored
   entity, recognized by the Federal Communications Commission and the
   National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA),
   containing information regarding existing and planned Access BPL
   systems, as required in § 15.615(a) of this chapter.

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