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FCC 15.216
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 15.216   Disclosure requirements for wireless microphones and other low
power auxiliary stations capable of operating in the core TV bands.

   (a) Any person who manufactures, sells, leases, or offers for sale or
   lease, low power auxiliary stations capable of operating in the core TV
   bands (channels 2-51, excluding channel 37) is subject to the following
   disclosure requirements: (1) Such persons must display the consumer
   disclosure text, as specified by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
   and the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, at the point of sale
   or lease of each such low power auxiliary station. The text must be
   displayed in a clear, conspicuous, and readily legible manner. One way
   to fulfill the requirement in this section is to display the consumer
   disclosure text in a prominent manner on the product box by using a
   label (either printed onto the box or otherwise affixed to the box), a
   sticker, or other means. Another way to fulfill this requirement is to
   display the text immediately adjacent to each low power auxiliary
   station offered for sale or lease and clearly associated with the model
   to which it pertains.

   (2) If such persons offer such low power auxiliary stations via direct
   mail, catalog, or electronic means, they shall prominently display the
   consumer disclosure text in close proximity to the images and
   descriptions of each such low power auxiliary station. The text should
   be in a size large enough to be clear, conspicuous, and readily
   legible, consistent with the dimensions of the advertisement or

   (3) If such persons have Web sites pertaining to these low power
   auxiliary stations, the consumer disclosure text must be displayed
   there in a clear, conspicuous, and readily legible manner (even in the
   event such persons do not sell low power auxiliary stations directly to
   the public).

   (b) The consumer disclosure text described in paragraph (a)(1) of this
   section is set out in an appendix to this section.

Appendix to § 15.216--Consumer Alert

Consumer Alert

   Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone
   system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a
   license is subject to certain restrictions: The system may not cause
   harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level (not in
   excess of 50 milliwatts); and it has no protection from interference
   received from any other device. Purchasers should also be aware that
   the FCC is currently evaluating use of wireless microphone systems, and
   these rules are subject to change. For more information, call the FCC
   at 1-888-CALL-FCC (TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC) or visit the FCC's wireless
   microphone Web site at

   [ 75 FR 3638 , 3640, Jan. 22, 2010]

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