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FCC 15.113
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 15.113   Power line carrier systems.

   Power line carrier systems, as defined in § 15.3(t), are subject only
   to the following requirements:

   (a) A power utility operating a power line carrier system shall submit
   the details of all existing systems plus any proposed new systems or
   changes to existing systems to an industry-operated entity as set forth
   in § 90.35(g) of this chapter. No notification to the FCC is required.

   (b) The operating parameters of a power line carrier system
   (particularly the frequency) shall be selected to achieve the highest
   practical degree of compatibility with authorized or licensed users of
   the radio spectrum. The signals from this operation shall be contained
   within the frequency band 9 kHz to 490 kHz. A power line carrier system
   shall operate on an unprotected, non-interference basis in accordance
   with § 15.5 of this part. If harmful interference occurs, the electric
   power utility shall discontinue use or adjust its power line carrier
   operation, as required, to remedy the interference. Particular
   attention should be paid to the possibility of interference to Loran C
   operations at 100 kHz.

   (c) Power line carrier system apparatus shall be operated with the
   minimum power possible to accomplish the desired purpose. No equipment
   authorization is required.

   (d) The best engineering principles shall be used in the generation of
   radio frequency currents by power line carrier systems to guard against
   harmful interference to authorized radio users, particularly on the
   fundamental and harmonic frequencies.

   (e) Power line carrier system apparatus shall conform to such
   engineering standards as may be promulgated by the Commission. In
   addition, such systems should adhere to industry approved standards
   designed to enhance the use of power line carrier systems.

   (f) The provisions of this section apply only to systems operated by a
   power utility for general supervision of the power system and do not
   permit operation on electric lines which connect the distribution
   substation to the customer or house wiring. Such operation can be
   conducted under the other provisions of this part.

   [ 54 FR 17714 , Apr. 25, 1989;  54 FR 32339 , Aug. 7, 1989;  75 FR 63031 ,
   Oct. 13, 2010]

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