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FCC 10.350
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 10.350   WEA Testing requirements.

   This section specifies the testing that will be required, no later than
   the date of deployment of the WEA, of WEA components.

   (a) Required monthly tests. Testing of the WEA from the Federal Alert
   Gateway to each Participating CMS Provider's infrastructure shall be
   conducted monthly.

   (1) A Participating CMS Provider's Gateway shall support the ability to
   receive a required monthly test (RMT) message initiated by the Federal
   Alert Gateway Administrator.

   (2) Participating CMS Providers shall schedule the distribution of the
   RMT to their WEA coverage area over a 24 hour period commencing upon
   receipt of the RMT at the CMS Provider Gateway. Participating CMS
   Providers shall determine the method to distribute the RMTs, and may
   schedule over the 24 hour period the delivery of RMTs over geographic
   subsets of their coverage area to manage traffic loads and to
   accommodate maintenance windows.

   (3) A Participating CMS Provider may forego an RMT if the RMT is
   pre-empted by actual alert traffic or if an unforeseen condition in the
   CMS Provider infrastructure precludes distribution of the RMT. A
   Participating CMS Provider Gateway shall indicate such an unforeseen
   condition by a response code to the Federal Alert Gateway.

   (4) The RMT shall be initiated only by the Federal Alert Gateway
   Administrator using a defined test message. Real event codes or alert
   messages shall not be used for the WEA RMT message.

   (5) A Participating CMS Provider shall distribute an RMT within its WEA
   coverage area within 24 hours of receipt by the CMS Provider Gateway
   unless pre-empted by actual alert traffic or unable due to an
   unforeseen condition.

   (6) A Participating CMS Provider may provide mobile devices with the
   capability of receiving RMT messages.

   (7) A Participating CMS Provider must retain an automated log of RMT
   messages received by the CMS Provider Gateway from the Federal Alert

   (b) Periodic C interface testing. In addition to the required monthly
   tests, a Participating CMS Provider must participate in periodic
   testing of the interface between the Federal Alert Gateway and its CMS
   Provider Gateway. This periodic interface testing is not intended to
   test the CMS Provider's infrastructure nor the mobile devices but
   rather is required to ensure the availability/viability of both gateway
   functions. Each CMS Provider Gateway shall send an acknowledgement to
   the Federal Alert Gateway upon receipt of such an interface test
   message. Real event codes or alert messages shall not be used for this
   periodic interface testing.

   [ 73 FR 47558 , Aug. 14, 2008, as amended at  78 FR 16808 , Mar. 19, 2013]

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Subpart D--Alert Message Requirements

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