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FCC 1.933
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.933   Public notices.

   (a) Generally. Periodically, the Commission issues Public Notices in
   the Wireless Radio Services listing information of public significance.
   Categories of Public Notice listings are as follows:

   (1) Accepted for filing. Acceptance for filing of applications and
   major amendments thereto.

   (2) Actions. Commission actions on pending applications previously
   listed as accepted for filing.

   (3) Environmental considerations. Special environmental considerations
   as required by Part 1 of this chapter.

   (4) Informative listings. Information that the Commission, in its
   discretion, believes to be of public significance. Such listings do not
   create any rights to file petitions to deny or other pleadings.

   (b) Accepted for filing public notices. The Commission will issue at
   regular intervals public notices listing applications that have been
   received by the Commission in a condition acceptable for filing, or
   which have been returned to an applicant for correction. Any
   application that has been listed in a public notice as acceptable for
   filing and is (1) subject to a major amendment, or (2) has been
   returned as defective or incomplete and resubmitted to the Commission,
   shall be listed in a subsequent public notice. Acceptance for filing
   shall not preclude the subsequent dismissal of an application as

   (c) Public notice prior to grant. Applications for authorizations,
   major modifications, major amendments to applications, and substantial
   assignment or transfer applications for the following categories of
   stations and services shall be placed on Public Notice as accepted for
   filing prior to grant:

   (1) Wireless Telecommunications Services.

   (2) Industrial radiopositioning stations for which frequencies are
   assigned on an exclusive basis.

   (3) Aeronautical enroute stations.

   (4) Aeronautical advisory stations.

   (5) Airport control tower stations.

   (6) Aeronautical fixed stations.

   (7) Alaska public fixed stations.

   (8) Broadband Radio Service; and

   (9) Educational Broadband Service.

   (d) No public notice prior to grant. The following types of
   applications, notices, and other filings need not be placed on Public
   Notice as accepted for filing prior to grant:

   (1) Applications or notifications concerning minor modifications to
   authorizations or minor amendments to applications.

   (2) Applications or notifications concerning non-substantial (pro
   forma) assignments and transfers.

   (3) Consent to an involuntary assignment or transfer under section
   310(b) of the Communications Act.

   (4) Applications for licenses under section 319(c) of the
   Communications Act.

   (5) Requests for extensions of time to complete construction of
   authorized facilities.

   (6) Requests for special temporary authorization not to exceed 30 days
   where the applicant does not contemplate the filing of an application
   for regular operation, or not to exceed 60 days pending or after the
   filing of an application for regular operation.

   (7) Requests for emergency authorizations under section 308(a) of the
   Communications Act.

   (8) Any application for temporary authorization under section 101.31(a)
   of this chapter.

   (9) Any application for authorization in the Private Wireless Services.

   [ 63 FR 68929 , Dec. 14, 1998, as amended at  69 FR 72026 , Dec. 10, 2004]

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